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The Return To Red Mill 
A unique and exciting Para-Hang!


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USD $35.00

Tier 1: Meet and Greet / Ghost Hunting 101

Join Daryl Marston from A&E Ghost Hunters, ParanormalWarehouse & Dead-Live, Psychic Medium Chelsea Gill from ParanormalWarehouse & Dead-Live, and Rob Stachowicz from Get Haunted for a casual meet and greet, Q&A, autographs, and more…

USD $75.00

Tier 2: Investigate the Red Mill with Daryl, Chels

This tier includes Tier 1 PLUS a full-fledged paranormal investigation with this trio. You will spend roughly an hour with each of the investigators in different structures on the property trying to track down the unseen spirits that call The Red Mill home!

USD $99.00

Tier 3: VIP Package

Includes Tiers 1 and 2, AND an investigation recap around a fire pit, personal ghost stories, and a relaxing end to an exciting day. Oh, and if you want to camp out with us on the property, you are more than welcome to do so! So bring your tents and sleeping bags!

USD $30.00

Add-On: Chelsea Gill Gallery Reading! 6PM - 7PM

Chelsea will host an optional gallery reading for a limited number of guests! Witness her startling ability to provide loving and healing messages that she is known for. Do not miss this limited and smaller setting. You will not be disappointed!

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