Thriller Events is a fast, easy and safe way to find and purchase tickets to your favorite Paranormal/ Supernatural events. You can get information on an event and buy tickets online in a few minutes. Simply purchase your tickets on your computer or phone, print your tickets or show them on your smartphone to get admitted.  Our Events Page is an all in one spot to find multitudes of mysterious, supernatural, paranormal and thrilling events, prepare to have your spine tingled! 

If you are interested in being part of our network, there are two main categories for your exploration as described below:



(Our Featured Events)
At NO COST to you if you let us sell your tickets! 


The first (and best) option to present your event is our very own featured "Thriller Events" listing. These are the events that are prepared to offer the best entertainment and experience in the field. The types of events we typically feature include ghost tours, paranormal conventions (paracons), ghost hunts, horror shows, haunted houses and metaphysical presentations.  If we sell your event tickets, there is NO COST to you to be a Featured Event. This option is our most popular! 

This level is fueled with mega-focused marketing power, backed by our massive penetration within the haunted tourism/ event/ content delivery markets. While there is precision for each audience we target, there is also attention to a fast-growing population of enthusiasts in this niche field. Referred to as our "soft adventure" population, these folks love to be part of a mystery, a historic fueled experience, and maybe a spook or two. 

Keep in mind, social media (while strong) should not be your exclusive marketing strategy for event management. A strong blend of email marketing, RSS feeds, blogging, local pressrelease submissions and pod-casting is a smart execution plan to make our featured events successful! 

Our Thriller Featured Events are prominently listed with links to individualized web pages on our main landing page, embellished with complete descriptions and immediate access to a "Buy Ticket" Button. These events are also featured on our independent ticket portal outlet,, bringing in its own online selling force. Together with the industry's only supernatural adventure app, you will find no platform that is more strongly dedicated and prepared to help you succeed! 



Developed and offered as a free service to our community, this mega directory conveniently presents events in a calendar rich format that can be viewed via an agenda list or with a yearly/ monthly/ daily view.

Not only is this an amazing inventory of incredible industry related events, but serves as a good base to plan your upcoming event, assuring minimal local venue competition!



Whether you want to be on our simple calendar listing or be powerfully featured in our Thriller.Events Featured listings, there is one simple step to get submitted. Click the "Submit My Event" button below to get started!




Please do realize, submissions must adhere to our genre of public interest, which includes the supernatural/ paranormal/ metaphysical/ horror platforms.  This will assure that our focused marketing will return the best exposure for all events!

We look forward to partnering with you to contribute to the success of your event planning and management!


     IN A NUTSHELL:  Why use Thriller Events?

  1. It is the only platform DEDICATED TO THE SUPERNATUAL EVENTS in the ticketing industry

  2. We offer Targeted Marketing to ONLY enthusiasts of the supernatural, metaphysical, and paranormal entertainment genre.

  3. People can Purchase tickets using a credit/debit card straight from your computer or smart phone.

  4. There is No Risk Involved by purchasing the affordable "Event Cancellation" Insurance.

  5. When listing an event, YOU choose your price and ticket preferences.

  6. Fast and easy delivery:  Simply print tickets at home or show e-tickets on your smart phone to easily be admitted to the event.


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