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Masonic Temple Norfolk Va

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The Norfolk Masonic Temple is a majestic 78,000 square foot building which the fraternal home to eight Masonic lodges, three Masonic related appendant bodies as well as two active appendant organizations. The most iconic building in Norfolk, VA has seen its share of tragedy. Years ago, one of the head Deacons, The Honorable Judge Fentress died of a heart attack during a Mason ceremony. Another incident occurred when someone was accidently locked inside the Masonic Temple after the superintendent locked up for the weekend. Trying to find a way out, he discovered a metal ladder to and upper walk space. Realizing there was no way out, he climbed back down the ladder. He lost his balance and fell the rest of the way down, breaking his neck and dying at the bottom of the ladder. He was not found until days later when the superintendent came back to open the Temple. Local paranormal group RTL PARANORMAL has investigated the building many times and have captured things they cannot explain. Loud noises, sounds of footsteps, EVPs (electronic voice phenomena), spirit box communication. Not only will you have the opportunity to ghost hunt this magnificent building with RTL PARANORMAL, but you will be ghost hunting with none other than April Busset. Doors open at 6:30 PM, where you may roam the Temple a bit, get your photos taken with April, and RTL PARANORMAL before the event. During the event, you will hear about the history of the Norfolk Masonic Temple, how April discovered her passion for paranormal investigating as well as what data has been captured by RTL PARANORMAL.

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