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USD $50.00

June 9th - Hypnosis Gallery Only - 6pm - 8pm

Hypnosis Gallery Only – 6pm – 8pm: Dr. Barrett offering past life regression hypnosis. Do you have memories that you know were not yours, have a fear of something, or feel passionate about something and have no clue why? Do you ever have Deja vu? She will guide you to explore your past lives.

USD $50.00

June 9th - Ghost Hunt Only - 9pm - 2am

Ghost Hunt Only - 9pm to 2am. If you have equipment, feel free to bring but you are responsible for all personal equipment. Please bring a flashlight. This is an "authentic" paranormal investigation. You will be part of the team. You are an “investigator”.

USD $50.00

June 10th - Psychic Medium Only - 6pm to 8pm

Gallery Only- Dr. Barrett will be offering readings for the audience, relaying messages from loved ones who passed over and messages you were meant to receive. She will do a Q&A, providing guidance to those in need.

USD $95.00

June 9th - Hypnosis Gallery & Ghost Hunt

Past Life Regression Hypnosis Gallery with Dr. Barrett - 6pm to 8pm. Ghost Hunt - 9pm to 2am

USD $125.00

Private Psychic Medium Reading

30 Mins - Private Psychic Medium Reading

USD $135.00

VIP Ticket

Includes – Friday-Past Life Regression Hypnosis, Saturday-Psychic Medium Reading Gallery & Friday Night Ghost Hunt

USD $150.00

Private Past Life Regression Session

Private Past Life Regression Session - Up to 3 Lives - Additional Lives will be $50.00 each up to 10 Lives

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