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Investigate the Haunted Haymond House
Sleepover Paranormal Investigation

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If so, take a trip with GET HAUNTED as we explore and investigate this historic Queen-Anne mansion built in 1894. It's big. It's beautiful. It's old…..And, It’s HAUNTED!!


We will begin our night with introductions and the creation of two teams of investigators in an effort to provide a clean, fun, and solid investigation.


From there, we will build out a plan around two independent but simultaneous investigations. All experience levels are welcome.


Later, we will meet to recap our findings, identify hotspots, compare notes, and develop (as a team) our next steps.


"Para-Challenges" are always a part of our events. Test your limits while we see what reveals itself when you are alone and vulnerable.


We will then flip the scrípt and ask YOU to decide what is next. You take the lead!


We will always be at your side, ensuring that the night moves along in a safe and enjoyable manner.


Our priority is YOU. This is YOUR event - we are there to facilitate.


This event will be recorded - you can choose not to be on camera



Located next to the Elk River in Sutton, West Virginia, the William Edgar Haymond House dates back to 1894.  This Queen-Anne style home sits on its original sandstone foundation and is held up by four round order Doric columns.  William Edgar Haymond was a very prominent attorney in Braxton County.  He also worked to support the extension of the Coal & Coke Railroad, a development that brought considerable growth to the town of Sutton.


William Edgar Haymond resided in this magnificent home along with his two wives: Emma Catherine (mother of his two children) (1864-1907) and Ethel Rhodes (1871-1932).  According to records, Haymond’s grandchild also lived in the home until he passed away at the age of eight from unknown causes.


William Edgar Haymond sold his house in 1922 and the next owners endeavored to maintain the property and keep most of its original design. The house still has the original hardwood floors, stairwells, the Lincrusta wall coverings, and the lighting fixtures, which are a mixture of gas and electric.  Although altered on the exterior with an application of siding, the house maintains enough integrity to reflect its historic appearance at the time of Haymond’s residence.


The Haymond House was listed on National Register of Historic Places on April 21, 2004.




  • Second floor reports of being touched, EVPs, disembodied voices, footsteps and shadow figures
  • There are also claims of a woman in white on the stairwell landing between 1st and 2nd floor. The woman in white is also seen going into the bedroom on the 2nd floor.
  • Reports of a child being seen playing in the basement
  • A six-inch oval orb has been seen in the basement
  • There has been a tall slim grey figure seen throughout the house, and a smaller shadow figure has been seen on the second floor.
  • Witnesses have heard the front door lock unlocking, doors opening and closing, blinds being opened and closed.



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