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Haunted Indiana State Sanatorium!

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Indiana State Sanatorium


Are you brave enough to join the Indiana and Iowa Chapters of Riverside Paranormal as they explore the Indiana State Sanatorium? Can you help the owners of this haunted location start to establish a who’s who of spirits?


Welcome to the Indiana State Sanatorium, the Midwest’s premier locations for paranormal investigation, photography and urban exploration. Located on over 200 acres in west-central Indiana, the Indiana State Sanatorium offers full access to over 120,000 square feet of historic tuberculosis hospital, nursing home, mental hospital and supporting buildings including thousands of feet of steam tunnels. The Indiana State Sanatorium operated as Indiana’s main tuberculosis hospital from 1908 to 1968. Re-opened as the Lee Alan Bryant Health Care Center in 1976, the site operated as a nursing home and private mental hospital until 2011 when it closed suddenly leaving behind hundreds of beds and hospital equipment. (Credit: https://thesanatorium.net/).


The Travel Channel’s Destination Fear team were the first paranormal team to ever walk into the Sanatorium and investigate. This incredible location was unknown to the paranormal field at the time of filming so the team had no idea what they would experience. Below is a short recap of the information shared by Destination Fear during their packet reading session: 


Gregg Larson, the current owner of the sanatorium summed it up when he stated that there is “100 years of medical history in this country” at this location. It’s like walking into a time warp, as if the people who resided and worked there just vanished all at once. It’s a location truly frozen in time. The Indiana State Sanatorium originally opened as a tuberculosis hospital. Unfortunately, the Sanatorium had a very high death rate. 80% of the people who sought treatment here ultimately died. Tuberculosis was called “the white plague” and often described as “drowning in your own lungs.” At one point, the sanatorium had a waiting list of over 400 people to get in. The sanatorium was not without its politics. They only admitted patients who were considered “favorable to recovery.” They wouldn’t take the worst cases or most mild cases. By 1936, Southern Indiana was one of the worst pockets of TB in the nation. Doctors began to experiment with often painful treatments. One such experiment described an operation where doctors would pump gas into bags inserted into the patient’s lung which would push the lung into a small confined space. Experiments continued until the discovery of streptomycin in the 1940s. This drug ultimately led to the closure of the facility in the 1960s. 


The sanatorium sat vacant for years. In the 1990s, it was repurposed into the Lee Alan Bryant Health Care Center. It very quickly went downhill as the complex was plagued by allegations of elder abuse, inappropriate staff relations, and fatal neglect. Stories recounted of patients escaping often resulted in them being hit by cars, drowning in the nearby river, and one patient was found hanging from a tree. During this time, many patients were committed due to mental illness, which made it easier for allegations to be disregarded and swept under the rug. Patients weren’t the only ones to meet an untimely end at this location. Two employees  were involved in murder suicide resulting from a grudge between them. The facility shut down for good in 2011. (Credit:   https://www.discoveryplus.com/video/destination-fear-2019/indiana-state-sanatorium.) 


During this episode, the team witnessed apparitions, tapping, knocking, banging, shadows, and documented EVPs. What can you add to the history of this location? Who (or what) will you discover when things go bump in the night?

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