Ultrasonic Motion Detector

Price: $149.99



The Ultrasonic Motion Detector uses ultrasonic sound waves to detect motion. This uses sound waves at a frequency higher than humans are able to hear – typically in the range 30kHz to 10MHz. Transducers comprise a pair of devices, one is a transmitter and one is a receiver. A sound pulse is sent out at a given frequency and, as it bounces off objects in its path, it is reflected and captured by the receiver.


To use point it at the area you wish to detect motion in. The LED display will show how faraway the object is in feet. The green light means the object is moving away from the motion detector. The red light means the object is moving closer to the motion detector.


Paranormal Investigators have reported sucessful encounters with the Ultrasonic Motion Detector such as The Ghost Crier and Riverside Iowa Paranormal.



  • ATMega328 Microcontroller
  • Motion sensing
  • Tripod Mounting





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