REM Puck
REM Puck

REM Puck

Price: $169.99



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The REM Puck is built with paranormal investigators in mind.      

  • Alerts with a melody rather than an alarm
  • Antenna-less
  • Has a low battery circuit to eliminate false positives
  • Detects motion and EMF
  • Motion detection continues through stationary objects such as walls
  • 18 inches of an EMF bubble
  • Tripod insert located on the bottom
  • Long battery life when Li-Ion batteries are used

The REM Puck is an antenna-less modern take on the REM Pod. A modern design with an EMF and proximity sensing bubble with an 18 inch diameter. It plays a playful melody when activated. One melody plays when the EMF is triggered and a diffrent melody plays when the proximity sensor is triggered. The sleek, no antenna, design encloses 3 circuits. There is an EMF sensing circuit, a REM proximity sensing circuit and a low battery circuit. When the battery gets low the other two circuits are turned off and a red light will illuminate letting you know the battery is low. No more false positives due to a low battery.


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