Red Jasper Orogone Pendulum #00016
Red Jasper Orogone Pendulum #00016

Red Jasper Orogone Pendulum #00016

Price: $12.00



Red Jasper Orogone Pendulum ✨-00016.

Pendlumn length with chain 10
Weight .5 ounce
Width .5 inch
Height 2 inch

Orogone if filled with a deep mysterious crystalline energy✨
It also has piezoelectric properties.

These beautiful handcrafted pendulums are intuitively and each piece are made uniquely.
Inside each one is a Tibet lemurian crystal which is wrapped and bound by copper wire, some may have the following -shavings of metal , sand , herbs ,dye , powders ,crystals and foil.

These pendlumns are created so that they magnify the energy when it is used.This energy can be stimulated higher by other forms of energy when connected.That means it can collect and pull positive and negative .

Jasper, in all its forms, is considered a powerful healing stone. Jasper is regarded as a gemstone that gives a sense of well-being, intensifying that feeling. Red jasper has been used as a stone of protection for thousands of years. It is believed this jasper has an ability to create and help balance aggressive, dynamic energy. Red jasper was used to staunch wounds and increase fertility.

The charm is a manufactured owl and compliments this piece.

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