Custom Glow Rings

Custom Glow Rings

Price: $200.00


Aaron G Thompson of Ghost Crier here -- exploding in the new year with you.

Hindsight [yr] 2020... 🤨

Soooo... new hobbies? I've used these super awesome, luxury-style, glow rings... for the last few years, when investigating in the dark it serves as a great awareness companion (And headcount assistance).

Safety first!!

But $300-$500 a pop... starts to hurt the pocket. 😬 (I purchased 6...)

Soooo... I learnt to create 'said rings' myself -- and matching (if not better) the quality I grew to admire!

Limited (time &) availability to make a customized ring for you!!

$200 each & I'll contact you ASAP (actually talk - Make suggestions. Support your vision) to gather the material I require -- and truly customize a glow ring that you'll love.

However due to the events on March 13th & March 20th -- I need to react fast. As you do too.

I have 6 (spots) rings open, to focus on per each event (2) = totaling 12 slots.

Once you PM us, we'll get you a payment link -- once payment made; I'll reach out within 24 hrs after payment to discuss awesomeness.

I was hesitant to even offer this service -- it takes a lot of time and work... again... hesitate.

However; Michelle talked me into offering this craft.

This is a badass craft, all.

I'm excited for you to own one of my customized glow rings.

TTYS! 💯👻🤓