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Unique. Affordable. Dependable.

At Ghost Gear, we understand the need for affordable and dependable paranormal investigative devices. Once you’ve created a connection with a spirit, you must feel confident in your equipment as you take the next steps in your investigative efforts.

From EMF lanterns to our unique REM Puck, we can meet the needs of your next investigation or bring solid data to a current endeavor.

We offer our unique approach with the REM Puck. It easily detects proximity and EMF with colorful lights and a playful melody as it entices spiritual interactions. We think this clever piece of equipment is a game-changer for our customers as its small size and antenna-less design makes it mobile and easy to store.

EMF Lantern

Price: $79.99

REM Bear

Price: $94.99

REM Puck

Price: $169.99

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