Old Benton County Jail-WLGH

The Old Benton County Jail was built in 1876, vacated as a functional jail in 1997 and has sat empty for years. My Haunted Fowler on behalf of the Prairie Preservation Guild sought permission to investigate the jail as well as open it up to others to look for proof of the paranormal. The most infamous inmate, Jacob Nelling, who was jailed for the brutal murder of a 15 year old girl from a prominent family, dragged from his cell by an angry mob and lynched about 200 yards from the home of the girl, is thought to be roaming the cells looking for justice. Some history is not as well known, but the following quote will send chills down your spine after seeing the old cells in the dungeon: “According to former Sheriff Lawrence Wiemken, “There are eight old cells down there where people were chained to the walls until they either confessed or went crazy. It makes your hair curl just to think about it.” (Journal and Courier, 3/28/1969).”


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