Kingston Norfolk Island Donations

Our UNESCO World Heritage listed living Museum; The Kingston Arthurs Vale Historic Area (KAVHA) being first and foremost for is people who still use the site as part of their everyday life today. The site is of rare outstanding historical significance in the Southern Hemisphere,  “for its picturesque setting, historic associations, part ruinous configuration and undeveloped nature” with Archaeological remains of pacific seafarers visitations dating back to the Medieval Era, then being a European convict settlement between 1788 and 1855 KAVHA hosts the “longest and most intact record of the convict phase” in Australasia. Its significance in becoming a home for the Pitcairn Islanders a separate and distinctive European/Polynesian community deriving from the Bounty Mutineers and their Tahitian partners who have lived and practiced their cultures and heritage in the site for over 165years.

Our Kingston Norfolk Island Cemetery has been used as a burial ground from around 1796 and is still in modern day use today though there are many monuments in need of preservation – many of these monuments are for people from other places in the world and have no family around that can visit and care for them

All of our proceeds from the night will be donated to Monumental restoration in our Kingston Cemetery – if you cannot make the actual event, and would like to watch some of the livestreams please donate toward the cause as it will also be gratefully accepted.


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