Nestled amongst the southern pines of Jonesboro Georgia is the Stately Oaks Plantation; an 1839 antebellum home listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Its plain Greek Revival architecture is representative of the era in which it was built and it is said that the home was Margaret Mitchell’s inspiration for the final design of Tara in the motion picture “Gone With the Wind”.

Join the Georgia Ghost Society and SOS-Seekers of Spirits for an evening unlike any other. On September 25th these two paranormal teams will unite with other paranormal groups and haunted locations across the globe, to unite for a day of paranormal exploration and adventure; the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt!

This is a fundraising event; 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Stately Oaks Plantation for their continued upkeep and preservation of the buildings and grounds.


Meet & Greet/Q&A only:                  $12.00

Meet & Greet/Q&A/Investigation:  $25.00


Saturday  9/25/2021

Starting at 7PM, we will have a Meet & Greet and Q&A with team members. We will also dive into the history of the property and you can ask any questions you have about the location, the paranormal activity reported or any questions in general!

The Paranormal Investigation will begin at 9PM. We'll break into groups and begin exploring the estate, attempting to encounter & record the activities reported within the building and premises.

12 AM – General Admissions end
1 AM to 2AM Livestreaming through The Spirit Realm Network worldwide.
2:15AM Activities close for the night.

Please Note:
We will be breaking into small groups to investigate the building and grounds, each group will be led by an investigator. 

Bring your equipment, you are welcome to bring any equipment you have for investigating that you can carry with you. A flashlight is highly encouraged. Additionally, if you do not have an audio recorder, bring your phone! We'll ask you to put it in airplane mode, but you can still record audio onto your cellphone - a large number of people on our investigations have recorded EVPs on their phones!

Most importantly, have fun! This investigation is for you, so bring your ideas and thoughts for investigating! You never know what, or who, you will run into, and we value your unique ideas and suggestions for investigating these locations! We urge you to be ready to be involved in the investigation! Think of some questions you'd like to ask in advance, if you have any theories that we can test out, and more!