Join us on Saturday, August 27th at one of the most haunted locations in the country--Pennhurst Asylum 


Pennhurst was a inpatient facility for those with mental and physical handicaps. It opened in 1908 and saw its final patients in 1987, with over 10,000 patients coming through its doors.  This facility has a history of being one of the most horrific facilities of its kind due to mistreatment and abuse.  The Asylum was understaffed and barely received funds from the state to operate.  Patients were trapped in metal cribs, drugged into submission, chained to their beds and some were so isolated they couldn't speak and even lost their will to live.  For patients who would bite, their teeth would be pulled--there is a rusty dentist chair in the tunnels where thousands of patient's teeth were pulled.  


Today, the caretakers believe the building and tunnels are extremely haunted by those that lived here. 


Paranormal Activity 

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