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Women's Para-Retreat Conference Tickets

Ticket sales will end on May. 31, at 11:55 PM local time.

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All sales are final (No returns)

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No exchange - All sales are final

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The Women's Para-Retreat Conference

is open to everyone and all ages


Saturday from 10:30am - 5pm

           Sunday from 10:30 am - 5pm


During this years Women's Para-Retreat Weekend, we will be having female speakers and vendors from the paranormal community and welcome everyone to attend.  We will not be focusing on one genre of the field, but highlighting ALL fields, businesses owned by women, locations owned by women, and more.  We will also be holding a psychic reading gallery on Saturday, June 7th with Psychic-Medium Beth Deering.


Saturday, June 6th

  • Anne & Renata, The Australian Paranormal Scene
  • Pamela Barry, From Victim to Victorious
  • Maria Schmidt, Getting the Nerve to do Something Crazy:  Letting Your Guides Help You
  • Beth Deering, Free Reading Gallery


Sunday, June 7th

  • Shetan Noir, Flying Creatures of West Virginia
  • Alissa Plakaros, UFO's and the Unknown
  • Cindy Dove, The Truth about the Military and UFO's
  • Shetan Noir, Canine Cryptids of North America
  • Allison Jornlin, Mothman:  Separating Fact from Fiction
  • Anne & Renata, LIVE Tarot Readings


We are offering admission tickets for each day or both days online at a discounted price.  Ticket prices will be more at the door unless you have a receipt from the West Virginia State Penitentiary that you took a daytime tour the day you are coming to the conference. For example, if three people are attending, but only two took the tour, then only two people would get a discounted price.

We are also accepting donations for Domestic Violence victims and their children--if you bring an item to donate, you will get a reduced price as well--1 item per person purchasing tickets.  For example, if you have a family of three attendings, you will need three items to receive a discount on all three tickets.  We are looking for non-perishable food items, toiletries, clothes, toys, etc. that will help them in their time of need.  We will NOT accept monetary donations.

If you plan to attend a class or workshop, you will need to purchase those tickets separately.  The conference ticket allows you to listen to the speakers and meet our vendors.  Tickets are non-refundable.


Online Admission Prices

  • 1-day admission--$20.00 per person
  • 2-day admission ticket--$30.00 per person


Prices at the Door

  • At the Door
    • 1-day admission--$25.00 per person
    • 2-day admission--$40.00 per person


  • At the Door with Tour Receipt or Donation (see above)
    • 1-day admission--$20.00 per person
    • 2-day admission--$30.00 per person




  • All investigations are for 18 years of age or older unless specified
    • You must present a valid ID at each investigation
  • All dates are subject to change
    • If the event date changes
      • You can transfer your package to the new date
      • You can transfer your balance to another event
  • If there aren't enough attendees
    • The investigation will be rescheduled
      • You can transfer your package to the new date
      • You can transfer your balance to another event
  • If a location closes
    • You can transfer your balance to another event
    • Receive a full refund, excluding service fees, taxes, and event protection insurance
      • The event manager does not receive these fees, therefore, we cannot refund them
      • Once we have received the refund from the location, it will be sent to you, the purchaser
  • Each attendee is responsible for their own transportation to and from the event(s)
  • Souvenirs, gas, meals, snacks, drinks, etc. are not included unless specified
  • Alcohol and drugs are not permitted
  • Smoking is in designated areas only, the location manager/host will specify the location(s)
  • Weapons are not allowed
  • It is your responsibility to keep your contact information updated with the event manager
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you have given Thriller Events the correct e-mail address at check-out to receive your event correspondence
  • You will need to fill out a medical condition clause for the event manager in case there is an emergency
  • Please be aware that not all locations are handicap accessible
  • If there is a severe weather alert for the area or sever weather expected (i.e. blizzard, hurricane, tornado) the event may be rescheduled
  • Activity at the event(s) are not guaranteed
  • Use of the event names, content, or wording will be grounds for legal action
    • Event names "Women's Para-Retreat Weekend & Conference" and "Man-CON" are exclusive to BSR Paranormal and Para-Cryptid Tours & Investigations
  • All information is copyrighted



  • Contact information for BSR Paranormal
    • E-mail          bsrparanormal@gmail.com
    • Facebook     BSR Paranormal
  • Contact information for Para-Cryptid Tours & Investigations
    • E-mail          paracryptidtours@gmail.com
    • Facebook     Para-Cryptid Tours and Investigations
  • Women's Para-Retreat Weekend & Conference
  • Man-CON



  • The insurance policy only applies to what you have purchased through Thiller Events
  • Event protection insurance is non-refundable
    • The event manager does not receive the funds, therefore, we are not able to do so
  • Booking Protect has set terms and conditions if you request a refund
  • If you do not receive a refund from Booking Protect, you will not receive a refund from anyone associated with this event



  • Payment plan deposits are non-refundable
    • If you cancel your package
      • You can transfer your balance to another event
      • If you choose not to transfer your balance to another event
        • Investigation tickets, conference tickets, classes/workshop tickets, tours, and t-shirts are non-refundable
        • If canceled 60 days or more before the event (s)
          • 75% refund on accommodations only
          • 75% refund on food if included with the package
        • If canceled 31 days or more before the events(s)
          • 50% refund on accommodations only
          • 50% refund on food if included with the package
        • If canceled within 30 days before the event(s)
          • No refund
    • You can transfer your balance to another event
    • You can transfer your package to another interested party
    • Request a refund
      • Documentation will be required to receive a refund
  • Death of participant
    • A full refund including the taxes and fees
      • Documentation will be required
  • If you qualify for a refund
    • There is a $10 restocking fee 
    • The refund check will be mailed within 30-45 business days (Monday - Friday) from the date your package is purchased by another party and paid in full
    • Once the check is mailed, it may take up to 30 days to receive through the mail (mail is not delivered on Sunday or holiday)
  • If you refund check does not arrive within 30 days
    • You may request another check
      • The stop check fee is $30 per check and is the requestors responsibility
  • If you refuse to accept a refund but cash the check
    • You are responsible for all fees that incur
  • If you request your check to be sent via Certified Mail
    • With signature card--$7.00
    • Without signature card--$4.05
      • The Certified Mail fee is the requestors responsibility



  • Investigation tickets, tours, and t-shirts
    • The investigation locations and tour sites do not issue refunds, therefore, we are not able to do so
    • T-shirts for events are custom made and cannot be refunded
  • If you purchase a package and do not show up
  • Being asked to not attend an event
  • Being asked to leave an event



  • Service fees and taxes charged by Thriller Events are non-refundable
    • The event manager does not receive these, therefore, we are not able to do so



  • Once you have made your deposit
    • You will need to pay the remaining balance through PayPal
    • It must be sent to bsrparanormal@gmail.com
      • You, the purchaser, are responsible for PayPal fees if taken out
    • If you need instructions on how to set-up or use PayPal, please let us know
  • If you request a payment extension
    • You will have five (5) additional days to make the payment OR you can choose a date within the same month
      • If you do not pay the payment on the date issued or the date requested
        • You will receive a 7% late fee on the balance owed
  • If you miss a payment without contacting the event manager
    • You will be subject to a 7% late fee on the balance owed at midnight on the first day of the month 
      • Example:  July payment due on the 31st, the late fee assessed August 1st at midnight
    • The monthly payment plus the late fee will need to be paid with new month's payment or another late fee will be assessed on the balance owed
      • If you do not make the following month's payment and miss two payments in a row, you will forfeit your package



  • If you purchase a package that includes accommodations and decide not to stay there
    • No refund on the accommodations portion if you attend the event
  • If one (1) or more non-investigators are staying with you, you will need to
    • Purchase a package for one (1) investigator
  • If you purchase a package with accommodations for one (1) investigator and others join you
    • You will receive a credit towards your payment plan
    • Refund check after the event closes to purchase packages
  • If you purchase a package with accommodations for two (2) or more per room, and the other(s) cancel
    • You will need to pay the difference or split the difference between those attending and staying in the same room with you
  • If purchase a package for two (2) or more per room and you are the only people staying in the room
    • You will need to pay the difference



  • If there is a change in the paperwork that needs to be made
    • It has to be made and sent within 48 hours of receiving the paperwork
    • If it is not received within 48 hours, the event manager assumes that the information is correct
  • Payment receipts and payment plans
    • A signature page only will need to be signed and emailed back to the event manager
      • You can take a clear photo of the signature page and email it
  • Online forms will need to be filled out online
  • ALL paperwork is due by the date is given in your e-mail
    • If you do not contact the event manager for an extension on your paperwork, you will receive a 7% late fee on the balance owed or the balance paid in full for each month you do not turn your paperwork in
  • Paperwork e-mailed to you
    • Must be filled out in entirety
    • Are required to attend the event you purchased a package for
  • If you contact the event planner before the due date that you need an extension on your paperwork
    • You will receive one (1) extension only
    • If you do not turn in your paperwork by the new extension date, you will receive a 7% late fee on the balance owed or the balance paid in full for each month you do not turn you paperwork in
  • If you ignore multiple e-mails, messages, and calls concerning your paperwork
    • If you account is paid in full, you will have to pay the late fees before you are allowed to attend
    • If you are on a payment plan, your late fees are due with your monthly payment
  • If your paperwork is not received or your late fees paid with the monthly payment, after 2 months, your package will be canceled



  • The following statements are for the participants and staff's safety, security, peace of mind, and enjoyment of the event
    • You will not be permitted to attend any event if you have done one (1) of the following
      • Banned from a previous event or before an event for your actions
      • Removed from a previous event
      • Membership revoked from any team involved in the event
      • Owe an event manager money for any past event
      • Treated an employee of a hotel, tour site, restaurant, or location unprofessionally during an event
      • If you have been, or asked to, leave a location, hotel, or tour site by their management or our staff for your actions
      • If you have tried to
        • Defame
        • Extort
        • Blackmail
        • Slander
        • Mock
        • Berate 
        • Intimidate
        • Called anyone attending a derogatory name
        • Started a fight
      • You will not receive a refund for any of these actions
    • If you do any of the aforementioned at an event, you will be removed from the event and will not receive a refund
    • If you do not follow the staff's instructions for safety
      • You will be removed from the event
      • Banned from future events
      • No refund
    • If you try to ruin the integrity of the event before or during, or we feel that you will be a liability to the event
      • You will be banned from the event or removed from the event
    • If you have an issue with a staff member
      • Contact another staff member to mediate and try to solve the issue
      • Do not
        • Contact the locations we are renting
        • Contact other participants
        • By doing this, you will be banned from this event and future events
        • No refund



  • You may transfer your package to another participant up to 14 days before the event date
    • Both seller and transferee will need to contact the event manager for terms and conditions



  • All terms and conditions are subject to change
  • These terms and conditions are set forth starting today, January 1, 2020
  • Those already attending events will not be grandfathered in


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