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"WLGH" Mystical Gathering & Haymond House Ghost Hunt
World's Largest Ghost Hunt

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4th Annual World's Largest Ghost Hunt
at the 
Haunted Haymond House
Sutton, West Virginia USA

Presented by
Dave Spinks
West Virginia Seekers of Spirit

Mystical Gathering & The Haymond House "WLGH" Ghost Hunt


This will be like no other event!  It's a full blend of metaphysical engagement, topped off with the official World's Largest Ghost Hunt investigation!

10:00am - 6:00pm:   "A Metaphysical Gathering"  

COST:  Entry to the Gathering is Free.  
            Each session is $40/30 minutes

Gathered are some of the most talented metaphysical workers coming from all over the country. Rarely will you see them all gathered under such a magical roof.  

Although there is NO COST to come and explore, we recommend that you go to our ticketing portal and reserve the person you wish to be sure to visit with, so that you don't get shut out!  

SELECT: Any of the amazing Light Workers you wish to engage with! (One or all!)

>> Chris Delaney  (Psychic Medium)  READ MORE about Chris!

>> Dual Tarot Reading with Coven of the Wildwood Readers!  (Receive the magical gifts of two at the same time!)
      They Include: 

>> High Huntress Ravenwynd  (Tarot Reader)    READ MORE about High Huntress Ravenwynd!

>> High Huntress Rain  (Tarot Reader)    READ MORE about High Huntress Rain! 

>> Larry Lambert with Galaxy Hypnosis  (Past Life Regression Therapist)    READ MORE about Larry Lambert! 

9:00pm - 1:00am:  "The WLGH Ghost Hunt"

COST:  $50/person

Join Dave Spinks and the local team, West Virginia Seekers of Spirits! This is where the climax of the night will happen. All the mystical energy that is gathered during the day will be centrifuged with the collective conscious in the world as hundreds of ghost hunters communicate with spirit on the very same day. 


$110/pp For a FULL Weekend!

Friday 9/27/19 and Saturday 9/28/19!

Fri., 9/27:  4pm-6pm

Meet and Greet Guest Speaker, Author, History Channel's "The Unxplained" Featured Guest 
David Spinks (From Society of the Supernatural). 

Fri., 9/27:  7pm-8pm

Lecture with Dave Spinks  (As seen on History Channel, Travel Channel, Destination America; Author of bests selling Supernatural Books:  Real West Virginia Hauntings and West Virginia BigFoot

Each Lecture Attendee will receive a signed copy of one of Dave's books. (Your choice). 

Fri., 9/27:  8:30pm-1am

Ghost Hunt with Dave Spinks and West Virginia Seekers of Spirit of the famous Haymond House

Sat.,  9/27:  10am - 1am

All as included above! 

This is no ordinary place! Folks here are committed to the skill and expertise that professional ghost hunting is all about. They are also a historic location that benefits from all tickets sales! What good you will do to be part of this! In addition, what amazing evidence you will capture with all the energies created around the world.

All Tickets Sales are final. Consider purchasing the "Event Cancellation Policy" offered at check-out. Please review its policies and restriction before purchasing. 

100% goes to the historic property to help towards preservation.

Remember a haunting is history wishing to be heard!

CLICK HERE: To find out more information about the hauntings of the Haunted Haymond House!
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