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6:00 PM

Wildwood Sanitarium & The Hinsdale House
Hosted by Eclipse Paranormal Events

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Join us for our first trip to New York on Friday, September 25th, and Saturday, September 26th for World's Largest Ghost Hunt Weekend and National Ghost Hunting Day.


Friday, September 25th

We will be investigating Wildwood Sanitarium (Salamanca, New York) and the Quaker Area of the Alleghany State Park, focusing on the Witch's Walk.


Wildwood Sanitarium opened in 1906 as the only holistic healing center in New York, specializing in Osteopathy Therapy, alcholism, drug addiction, and most all conditions except for infectious and contagious diseases.  During 1923, the sanitarium became a TB clinic.  Over the years, there has been shadow figures seen, orbs, EVPs caught, and reports of being touched or pushed.


During your visit to the Alleghany State Park, you will visit The Witch's Walk--one of the most haunted areas of the park.  If time permits, we will visit the Red House area as well.  For more information on The Witch's Walk, visit https://vimeo.com/232748677



Saturday, September 26th

During National Ghost Hunting Day, we will be investigating The Hinsdale House, along with the property surrounding it, in Hinsdale, New York, one of the most haunted locations in the world.


In the early 1970's, the Dandy family lived in the hosue with their children.  During their time there, they were visited by many spirits; a priest from St. Bonaventure University visited the house more than once to perform and exorcism.  As time went on, the family lost the battle and ended up leaving the house for good.


Those who have visited the Hinsdale House have a lasting impression.  There are various spirits at the home, ranging from friendly to malevolent with many in between.  Investigators have reported the following occurences, but we're sure these aren't the only things seen or heard

  • Phantom footsteps
  • Voices
  • Being touched
  • Shadows
  • UFO's
  • Puckwudgies
  • Sasquatch

For more information, visit http://weekinweird.com/2016/07/20/investigating-the-terrifying-history-of-paranormal-activity-haunting-new-yorks-infamous-hinsdale-house/



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