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Wildwood Sanitarium & The Hinsdale House
Halloween Weekend 2021

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Join Eclipse Paranormal Events for a very Haunted Halloween at Wildwood Sanitarium and the Hinsdale House on October 29th and 30th, 2021.


We offer a variety of packages and a few include overnight hotel accommodations at either the Comfort Inn & Suites, Bradford, Pennsylvania or the Best Western Plus, Olean, New York.


Wildwood Sanitarium

Built in the 1800's, the home became a sanitarium in 1906.  Being opened by Dr's Henderson and Perry, patients were offered individual therapy and medical attention.  The doctor's used holistic healing and modern therapies such as UV light, electric battery baths, and bone stretching.   There was also a bath house located in the basement.  


In 1923, the sanitarium was forced to become a TB hospital for the town and surrounding area.  Once TB was under control, the sanitarium was sold and owned by multiple families and later became apartments.


Paranormal Activity at Wildwood Sanitarium

During a previous investigation, it is said that 

  • A man named Ed is in the front bedroom on the first floor
  • On the second floor there is 
    • Miranda
    • A nurse named Laurie
    • Multiple children
  • On the third floor there is
    • A young girl named Eva
    • Red, who likes to touch people
  • A spirit named Sophie 
  • A man called "Big Ted" that worked in the basement
  • Dr. Perry is said to still visit
  • Shadow figures
  • EVP's
  • Being touched and pushed
  • Orbs



The Hinsdale House

Built in 1853, the house first gained notoriety in September of 2000, when Clara Miller-Dandy wrote Echoes of a Haunting.  Her book details the time her family lived in the home, July 1973 to October 1974.


Clara, her husband Phil and their children were visited by multiple spirits while living in the home.  On more than one occasion, Father Alphonsus from St Bonaventure University, visited the home to perform exorcisms.  The haunting started as full-body apparitions being seen and eventually turned violent.  Objects started levitating, with a lamp being thrown at one of the daughters.  While Father Alphonsus was there, the activity became its strongest.  The exorcisms didn't work after a few days and would start again.   


After the Dandy family moved out, families would live in the home, but wouldn't stay long.  The last occupants of the home, Joe and Florence Misnik, died within months of one another.  


Paranormal Activity at the Hinsdale House

  • Full-body apparitions of a woman in white
  • Bizarre animal-human hybrids
  • Strange faces looking in the windows
  • There was an Indian massacre nearby and there have been sightings
  • Drumming is heard in the forest
  • Pukwudgies are seen on the property which isn't surprising since at one time the land belonged to Indians
  • Adjacent to the house, witches were hung
  • Priests are known to have lived on the land in the 1600's
  • UFO sightings
  • Shadows and apparitions have been seen
  • Sasquatch have been seen and heard 

Please be aware there is a possibility of a negative spirit or entity at the Hinsdale House


Package 1

  • Wildwood Sanitarium investigation ONLY on Friday, October 29, 2021

Package 2

  • The Hinsdale House investigation ONLY on Saturday, October 30, 2021

Package 3

  • Both investigations--Wildwood Sanitarium and the Hinsdale house

Package 4

  • Wildwood Sanitarium and Friday night hotel accommodations ONLY

Package 5

  • The Hinsdale House and Saturday night hotel accommodations ONLY

Package 6

  • Both investigation and hotel accommodation for Friday and Saturday night



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