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The Reveal:
World's Largest Ghost Hunt

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The Conference:

Time:  1PM – 5PM

The conference will present respected speakers, discussing paranormal phenomena and its evidence, impacted with the collective consciousness effect from multitudes during the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt.  Digital audio, image and video will be showcased as it occurred during this historical event. The presentations will lead to the revelation of the messages from Spirit, as it responded through hundreds of inquiries, all at the very same time on September 29th.  

Speakers include: Maria and Bob Schmidt (Haunted Journeys and founders/organizers of “World’s Largest Ghost Hunt”) Scotty Rorek (Psychics Unite), Amelia Cotter (Author and Co-Star of RIP Files), Allison Jornlin (Milwaukee Haunted History Tours), Mary Marshall (The Paranormal MD). In addition the investigative talents will be offered by esteemed team of Society of Anomalous Studies and Yooper Paranormal. The Master of Ceremony is B.C. Farr, the paranormally famed owner of the Old Baraboo Inn. He will speak of the history and phantom activities that are known of one of the most places in Wisconsin!


The Ghost Hunt  

Time:  7PM-10:30PM

This ghost hunt of the Old Baraboo Inn, will be guided by the reveal and communication offered by Spirits.  The actual investigation will be led the conference’s speakers and respected paranormal investigative teams, Society of Anomalous Studies and Yooper Paranormal.