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The Old Hospital on College Hill - Ghost Hunt & Psychic Readings

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The Old Hospital on College Hill in Williamson, West Virginia, was once known as Williamson Memorial Hospital.  It opened in March 1928 after the original hospital was destroyed by a fire in 1926.

The Williamson Memorial Hospital operated for 60 years until it closed its doors in 1988 after a new hospital was built down the street.  It was a four-story facility that could hold up to 50 patients.  The emergency room was originally in the basement along with a cafeteria, radiology, and lab.  The ER was later relocated to the first floor to provide easy access from the street.  The hospital included an ICU (first floor), labor & delivery (second floor), surgery room & exam rooms (third floor) and a pharmacy (fourth floor).

After it closed in 1988 the Williamson Memorial Hospital served as doctors’ offices until 2014, and finally a storage facility until 2018.  After closing in 2018 the town started holding paranormal attractions during Halloween.  



The residents of the community noticed unusual things going on at the old hospital.  It was reported seeing people staring out from the windows when no one was in the building, lights inside turning on and off by themselves, etc.

The police were called out to the property to investigate on several occasions but found no one inside the building.

It is reported that a former nurse who died while on duty is still roaming the halls.  There are also claims of people seeing a full-bodied female apparition.  In the X-Ray room there is said to be a spirit that tends to be not so nice and will tell you to leave.  There is also said to be an entity that roams the hallways of the hospital.


THESE ARE NOT SLEEPOVER EVENTS (unless otherwise specified)

THIS EVENT IS NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER AGE 18 (if you are a parent & have questions about a minor's attendance, please contact me at the below email)

Email:  ravenparanormalevents@gmail.com with any questions


  • 8:00 pm - We will begin with some rules, introductions, equipment explanation and selection, and a historical/paranormal tour if applicable.

  • After the tour we will  begin our investigation - (Please let us know if you are an experienced investigator.)

  • Breaks are taken as needed.  

  • 2:00 am – Everyone will return, all evidence documented & equipment returned.

  • Refreshments available throughout the night including Coffee, Sodas, Bottled Water and Snacks, but please feel free to bring your own.



  • Time to conduct your own paranormal investigation.

  • Exclusive access to the location

  • Use of our equipment which includes, trigger objects, EMF Meters, dowsing rods, cat balls, etc.

  • Collecting of evidence

  • Refreshments available throughout the night including Coffee, Sodas, Bottled Water and Snacks.

  • There will be No faking, provoking, summoning, etc.

  • Always try to debunk first - Debunk (if there is doubt; through it out)



  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes (preferably sneakers or non-slip shoes) 

  • **Flip-flops or slip on type shoes are discouraged due to tripping hazards.

  • Dress accordingly. Be aware of the weather conditions. Some locations do not have AC or Heat.



  • If you have your own equipment, please feel free to bring it.  Keep in mind that all personal equipment will be solely your responsibility.   We will not be held liable for any lost, broken, stolen, misplaced, etc. equipment.

  •  Please bring a flashlight (if you forget, we will have some for purchase)

  • An open mind (a good paranormal investigator always has a healthy amount of skepticism)

  • A camera (cell phones will have to be in airplane mode during the investigation)

  • You are welcome to bring snacks, drinks, etc.


You will be conducting your own investigation.  Just remember to be kind and courteous to others while they investigate.  When you decide to move to a different area and find another party investigating, please move on to another area until they finish.  No loud talking, loud laughing, or any type of disruptive behavior will be tolerated during the investigation.  Everyone paid money to be here so please be considerate of your fellow investigators. 


We will have cameras set up at the hotspots throughout the location to record and collect evidence.  Please remember that you are being filmed as well.  If you have any questions or problems a Raven team member will also be there to help. 

We want everyone to have fun, collect evidence & enjoy their time at this location.

“Never Be the Spectator, Always Be The Investigator”

"Don't Be Afraid of the Unknown, Embrace It"

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