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The Historic Stone Mansion

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Join Eclipse Paranormal Events on Friday, August 20th, 2021 to investigate the Stone Mansion in Winchester, Indiana.  Then stick around and investigate the infamous and very active Randolph County Asylum on Saturday, August 21st, 2021. 
Stone Mansion
The mansion was originally built by General Ashael Stone in 1872 and has went through several owners, and is now maintained and owned by Dann and Richard Allen of Save the Old Properties. On March 21, 1979 the home was added the National Register of Historic Places.
A very unique feature of the 7,000 square foot mansion are the third floor windows. General Stone enjoyed star gazing and had the third floor windows extended beyond the house to have a clearer view of the night sky. On November 7, 1985, a previous owner opened a restaurant in the home called the "Stone Mansion Inn, Inc".
  • 1872--The Mansion is finished
  • Feb. 25, 1891--General Stone died and gave his wife Lydia the mansion
  • Sept. 18, 1892--Lydia Stone passes away
  • 1892--W.E. Miller purchases the house from Lydia Stone's estate
  • 1910--Daniel Speicher purchased the house
  • 1911--Charles Moore purchased the house
  • 1913--Carl Thompson purchased the house
  • 1920--Harry Boyle purchased the house
  • 1927--The house had three different owners during this time. Otis Kutley bought the house from Harry Boyle, Enos Lykins bought the house from Otis Kutley, then Minnie Duncan bought the house from Enose Lykins
  • Unknown year--William P. Morris purchased the house
  • 1961--Glen Keys purchased the house
  • 1968--Edward Williams purchased the house
  • March 21, 1979--Added to the National Register of Historic Places
  • 1985--Richard Wise purchased the home and opened the "Stone Mansion Inn, Inc" restaurant
  • 1997--Roger Harris purchased the home
  • 2016--Cannon Briggs purchased the home and starts restoration
  • 2019--Save the Old Properties purchased the home

Due to this being a new property, there is still A LOT to be discovered. So far, this is what has been seen and heard

  • General Stone himself is said to appear at times
  • Seen on the staircase is
  • Lydia Stone
  • A young girl named Wendy that wears a yellow dress
  • On the top floor
  • Lydia's brother John is said to be seen, he lived on this floor
  • Male voices mumbling
  • A man cursing


Randolph County Asylum

Also known as the Randolph County Poorhouse, it existed from 1851 until 2009. During this time it saw several different physical changes, types of patients, many deaths, a fire, and multiple tragedies.
At one time, the property included a pump house, two different barns, a machine shed, two garages and a chicken house. The property also has an unmarked cemetery somewhere on the grounds where some former residents of the poorhouse are buried.
The current building is nearly 50,000 square-feet, has six large wards, several private rooms, laundry room, kitchen, separate dining areas for men and women. The building sits on 350 acres with the cemetery sitting 230 yards northwest of the asylum.
  • 1851--The county purchased land to build a poor farm for those unable to work, those physically and mentally disabled, single mothers, the elderly, and orphans. The building would house 13 patients
  • 1853--A new wooden building was constructed that housed 16 patients
  • Jan. 1854--New wooden building was destroyed by fire
  • 1855-1856--New two-story brick building constructed. Building demolished due to poor conditions and a larger building was needed for a growing patient population
  • 1898-1899--Current building constructed
  • 1994--Countryside Care Center purchased the building from the county and housed 12 residents
  • 2009--Countryside Care Center closed
  • 2016--Save the Old Properties purchased the home from the county
Neff Cemetery (also called White-Kelley or Randolph County Infirmary Cemetery) is located north of infirmary on a hill in middle of pasture field. Cemetery for White and Kelley families.
At least 50 unmarked graves reportedly located on the Asylum property. Proposal in 1938 by descendant of John Neff sought to erect a fence around several of the oldest Neff family gravesites. Historical Society reset as many headstones as could be found in 1985.


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