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Stephenson Building Investigation
with Riverside Iowa Paranormal

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Join Riverside Iowa Paranormal, a part of the Warren Legacy Foundation for Paranormal Research for an event at a location that was featured in the 2019 World’s Largest Ghost Hunt In a city dubbed Sin City to the West.
A building that has ties to:
• Al Capone and Associates
• Dillinger Gang
• Illegal Gambling
• Brothel
• Odd Fellows
In 1881 Sam Wymore founded the town of Wymore, NE. He purchased the land the Stephenson Building still stands on today. The Stephenson Building was built between 1886-1890 by Samuel Wymore. Samuel owned over half the town by the time it was built. Sometime shortly after 1901 an individual named Charles of Murdock said he was the owner of the property the building was put on. Samuel Wymore had to take this to the courts. It ended being a lengthy court battle that would end up going to the supreme court. Due to this legal battle Samuel was so stressed over it that he fell ill. As a result he left George Stephenson the trustee of the property. He won the court battle but never lived to see it. Samuel left the building to George Stephenson, who was a very active member in the community.
In 1901 the town of Wymore was a booming railroad town and George Stephenson was right in the middle of it all. He was a financial guru: a tax collector, V.P. for the bank on the same block, a real estate agent, and starting the masonic lodge in town.
George married a lady by the name of Nellie Beer who was from Chicago. Her family gained their wealth from helping run the Chicago Burlington Quincy Railroad. The same rail system that ran right into Wymore and helped the town grow into one of the busiest places in Nebraska, to the point it was named “Sin City to the West.” Nellie would run the railroad in Wymore, at a time when it was uncommon for a woman to work, let alone for the railroad.
The C.B.Q. Railroad grew so big that they ended up putting in a tunnel system on the south end of town to run steam heat to a hotel and a couple other locations for the employees to run supplies. All of this sounds great, but in the 1910s it turned into something darker. Employees started to use them to go back and forth from their hotel to brothels, and places to consume alcohol. George ultimately catered to illegal gambling, prostitution, bootlegging and a slew of other unsightly activities.
Around the 1920’s the Chicago mafia including Al Capone and his associates started using the town as a get away as well as to spread what they where doing. The small tunnel system turned into a private tunnel system to run illegal alcohol, access to places that conducted illegal gambling and several other brothels in town. The Gage County Sheriffs department as well as federal agents ended ridding the town of most of its mafia problems. The current owners of the building found poker chips from Club Southland in the dirt basement floor, this casino was ran by Al Capone for years then switched hands to another mafia associate.
In the early 1930’s the KKK soon took over the mafias place. The KKK dug its heels in deep into the community. They held parades downtown that drew in thousands of people. They also did sermons in a lot of the churches to win the town over. Unfortunately, they did a lot of unsightly things in town, including people of color being hung on main street right in front of the Stephenson Building. One of the underground tunnels lead to what was the Grand Wizards house. (A house that has been demolished)
Rumors also have it that the Dillinger Gang, a crew of American Depression Era bank robbers led by John Dillinger and several mobsters including Baby Face Nelson have ties to Wymore and the Stephenson Building.
The elders of the town also tell stories of the building containing a brothel. Which was ultimately turned into a dance hall, then apartments. The building also served as an Odd Fellows, bowling alley, bar, bakery, cigar shop, appliance shop and more.
The Stephenson Building is also home to a few oddities, as the front of the building is being turned into an oddities museum. Some of these oddities are also believed to be causes of some activity.
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