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8:00 PM

SIC Investigates Malvern Manor
With / Johnny Houser

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Come join SIC (Supernatural Investigation Crew)
along with 
Johnny Houser
invite you to

Investigate the Malvern Manor in Malvern, IA

Tickets are very limited, only 10 available

$125 - VIP Overnight

this package is limited to only 2 people. Come early at 4 PM and Hang out with Johnny and the SIC crew, watch as we set up for the night, do baselines of the building. This includes dinner and stays overnight within the Manor.

(Johnny leaves at 2 AM)   

4 PM - 8 AM


$95 - VIP Dinner 
This package is limited to only 4 and includes the dinner at a local restaurant and the nighttime investigation.

(Investigation ends at 2 AM)

6 PM - 2 AM


$85 - Investigation

This is also limited to only 4 and includes just the investigation. (Investigation ends at 2 AM)

8 PM - 2 AM


Special Treat with our Guest Star!

Johnny will do a Q&A from 8 PM till 8:20 PM and then a M&G after.
There will be an extra charge for photos and autographs per the talent.
Please provide your one camera for photos.


Built in the late 1800s, Malvern Manor was a family-owned hotel that served as a comfortable place for traveling salesmen to rest their heads after long journeys across the country. For two dollars a night you got a warm bed and hot meals, and because of its close proximity to the railroad, the hotel was a success and booked solid nearly every night. Unfortunately, as the popularity of automobiles slowly killed train travel, the hotel was forced to close its doors and was converted into a convalescent home and minimum care facility. For many years the building housed patients that ranged anywhere from alcoholics seeking treatment all the way up to schizophrenics. As I’m sure you can imagine, with such a wide range of disorders and disabilities, care was n’t always top notch at Malvern Manor. Over the years both the staff and patients have shared horror stories about the abuse and neglect which occurred during the years Malvern Manor was in service. In fact, the terrible mistreatment of the patients is one of the main reasons that paranormal investigators believe that the building has become haunted by so many strange and sorrowful spirits.

All sales are final there are no refunds to this event unless canceled by the host. Time Subject to change.

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