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4:00 PM

SIC 3 Night Lockdown
Bellaire House

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Join us for 3 nights inside The Bellaire House

The Bellaire House sits on a Leyline - that means there is a constant source of paranormal energy that goes in and out of the house. In the Ohio Valley, many coal mine explosions have happened and many lives were lost. The Bellaire House sits on top of Coal Mine #1, Jacob Heatherington owned all of the coal mines in the Ohio Valley. Jacob also worked in the mines with his employees & his best friend Jack, a mule. The old nursery rhyme "This is the House that Jack Built" was about Jack to help Jacob build his mansion and his coal mine business.
Behind the house is a Native American burial cave- they practiced magic. In front of the house is the Ohio River. The inhuman spirits have been cleaned out by Joe Estes & associates- but no matter how many cleansing or Catholic rites are implemented the house is always active. There is a child spirit dwelling inside the Bellaire House and her name is Emily Davis. She used to play at the Bellaire House when she was a child. Through research, Rebecca Stamm-Gardner & Kristin Lee found out there was also second Emily Davis, but this Emily Davis was much older than the Emily Davis child---the Bellaire House seems to always attract people who have the same first and last name sequence. The Bellaire House also seems to call out people with the same first name to confuse the investigator. We believe some spirits of the Bellaire House sometimes are working in the hierarchy of negative communications to trick investigators and make them question who it is they are communicating with or about, and this type of "darker" energy can be draining to the investigator or researcher.
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