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Shadow Hunters Para-Hunts THE GATE!
Shadow Hunters Paranormal Investigations

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in Libertyville Illinois

Presented and Investigated by Shadow Hunters Paranormal Investigations!

July 20, 2019   9AM-3PM

Hear the History!
Take a Paranormal Investigation Class!
Experience the Paranormal Investigation
Have a picnic lunch with us! 

Join Shadow Hunters as they take you to the infamous haunted gate. This site has had numerous paranormal activity. Also, a paranormal class will be held before the Investigation. Ready to hunt?

The History as told...

One of the most terrifying place in Illinois is a site, "The Gate" brings forth an amazing and horrific history that makes this one of the most haunted places in the USA! 

Just getting to the Gate can be terrifying, River Road is desolate and secluded and you have to go down it about two miles. the gate from a distance It is lined by the dense forest on both sides and there are no streetlights. During the summer when it is humid outside, fog comes in from the ponds shrouding the lower parts of the road. The road makes a sharp turn, continues on into the darkness, and then comes to what the residents have christened "The Gate."

The first version of the history that is passed on tells of what occurred when it was the entrance to a girl's finishing school in the early 1950s. A quiet and polished place where young women from Chicago's well-to-do families went for a proper education. The tranquility was devastated one night when the principal had a nervous breakdown and killed four of the students, and then put their heads on the posts of the Gate.

Other tales say that the Gate was an entrance to a summer camp or an asylum, and the killer wasn't always the one in charge. It was either a camp counselor or a lunatic that had escaped from the asylum, went to the summer camp and murdered four children while they slept.

Many also believed it used to be an asylum say that the killer was a ward attendant who went insane and murdered four of his charges.

All of the versions had a common ending, that the residents and officials trying to wipe out what was left of the buildings.

Haunted Claims of "The Gate"

  • Blood Dripping from Iron Posts
  • Stroke of midnight on anniversary of murders (Halloween) phantom heads appear on the fence posts.  (Also reported to occur on nights with a full moon!)
  • Headless nun roams the woods
  • Ghost of a small boy spotted staring out from behind the iron posts
  • Resident in the surrounding area describe seeing figures in the 1930's era clothing either in their homes or the nearby farm fields
  • Apparitions, eerie screams, mysterious sounds