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Psychic Investigation
Haunted Hill View Manor

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Be part of a Psychic investigation with guest tour guide Ryan Michaels. Ryan will be joining our historical tour and adding his extrasensory abilities to communicate with the spirits at Hill View Manor. Who knows who you might end up talking with? You may even learn to tune in your own inner gifts to sense the supernatural beings around you.  Although we cannot guarantee everyone will connect with a spirit, an investigation with a psychic guide seldom disappoints at Hill View Manor.

This Psychic investigation starts at 7 pm with a guided tour that will last for about 90 minutes. After the tour you will be able to investigate the building on your own. Ryan will also be offering readings after the guided tour.



Bio of Ryan Michaels:

Ryan Michaels is a psychic, medium, motivational speaker, paranormal researcher, consultant, writer, demonologist, exorcist, and TV presenter.

At 16, Ryan was featured on the season three finale of A&E’s Psychic Kids, Children of the Paranormal. In the episode titled The Lost Soul, Ryan, along with the help of a fellow teenage medium, and several mentors, used his gifts to help police uncover details and clues in an on-going missing person case. His mentor on the show was Chris Fleming.

The experience helped Ryan gain confidence in his growing abilities. Two years later, Ryan was featured on ABC’s investigative news show 20/20. Most Recently in 2019 Ryan returned as a mentor on the reboot of Psychic Kids. 

Ten years ago, the original “Psychic Kids” chronicled the journeys of children who were learning to control their extraordinary abilities – and it changed their lives. In eight all-new episodes, those original kids, who are now successful young adults, will work to empower a new generation of young psychics alongside trained licensed therapists. They will spend time with the children and their families to assist them in not only taking control of their paranormal abilities, but also showing them the remarkable power of their immense gifts.


Hill View Manor was a home for the Aged and poor farm that housed mentally ill, severely destitute and elderly residents that didn’t have any known family. It slowly changed into a skilled nursing facility that had overcrowding and financial issues. Hill View is known for shadow figures, disembodied voices, phantom footsteps, a white mist and countless other well-documented encounters with the paranormal. Haunted Hill View Manor requires you to sign a waiver before being admitted to the building. You may read the waiver at https://hauntedhillviewmanor.com/waiver/


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