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P.A.R.A.NORMAL Mayhem at Menges Mill

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The Haunted Mill and surrounding 64 acres have over 250 years of history dating back to original settler s in the region. After centuries of amazing family settlements and church ties the mill and 6 surrounding buildings were purchased in 2014 and turned into a haunted attraction. The owner, a haunt attraction enthusiast, never imagined her purchase would be that of an actual haunted location.....but with this much history hoe could it NOT be haunted?


The team at P.A.R.A. invites you to come enjoy some concessions, capture some souvenir footage of your experience and have some incredible psychic medium interactions at the mill and the surrounding buildings during the first EVER investigation by the team at P.A.R.A.


This event will take place over 6 hours with time being split between the haunted Mill and the House of Eyes; a building used as part of the haunt that also sees lots of paranormal activity. During the investigation you will experience incredible interactions with psychic medium's Laurissa Rex and Marlena Beers of P.A.R.A.


You can join the team for a tour you can free roam with your own equipment. There will be equipment packages for rent for those who need it (limited) and souvenir footage of the investigation for your review later on.


This is a first for the team at P.A.R.A. so come and uncover history with us through an in-depth paranormal experience like no other!

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