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Mystical Legends of Margam Castle
A Paranormal Experience in Wales UK

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The USA meets the UK in a spectacular union of Para Excellence! 

A group of American Paranormal Enthusiasts/Investigators (of Mysterious Adventures), led by Brian J. Cano (known for Travel Channel's Paranormal Caught on Camera (2019), and Haunted Collector (2011) are coming to Wales UK and having an incredible full-day event at the Margam Castle in Port Talbot!

Driving this spectacular day will be Paranormal Wales UK, which is one of the most expertise in this chilling property.

And they want YOU to be part of this extravaganza!

Only 6 lucky tickets are available for local
UK residents to spend an amazing day with them! 

The event includes:

  1. Historical Tour of the Main Castle, the Abbey, the gardens, and the proximal graveyard. 
  2. Brian's J. Cano celebrated presentation of his paranormal technique, and experiences, including the work he has done as a para-researcher/scientist and on American television.  
  3. A meet and greet, with served appetizers and (non-alcoholic) drinks.  Meet Brian, the Mysterious Adventures Tours manager, and the area's own, Paranormal UK Wales.
  4. A four-hour investigation of those most ignited areas of the Castle and Grounds.
  5. A group collective review of the experiences captured evidence. 

This is an event not to be missed!  


Located in Southern Wales, the Margam Castle is one of the most haunted locations in the UK.

Over the years this towering Gothic mansion has had many reports and evidence that strongly surpass the typical found in a grand historic property. Most are highly bizarre occurrences, often pointing toward ghostly poltergeist activity that can only be described as violent and terrifying. At nightfall, the castle's security guards have cited hearing disembodied footsteps and voices chattering when no one else is in the building.


But these are minor incidents, compared to the volume of actual apparitions that are seen on this majestic property. Many of these have actually been caught in digital photographs and can be seen in the second gallery below. The malevolent phantom of Robert Scott is said to be the most active specter on the property. He was a gamekeeper at the house for numerous years. Legends tell us he was murdered by a poacher and his spirit remains in the property he loved and took care of. He frequently has been seen lurking up the main staircase.

His angry spirit is quite interactive with guests, for he is thought to be responsible for the more sinister activity here which includes Poltergeist activity such as throwing stones toward guests. Sometimes they will be so overtaken with fear, that they may leave the property afraid to return.

You may hear him heavily slamming doors. He is also known for his heavy disembodied footsteps on the flagstone floors and inciting extreme temperature changes. Folks have even reported being grabbed forcibly during Vigils. Maybe he is protecting himself, an expected reaction for one that has been unjustly murdered. His spirit does come forward regularly with psychic investigators, all of whom have validated that his spirit is consumed with rage over his unjust killing.

In a lighter mode, you may hear the chatter and giggle of Victorian children, playing in the corridors of the castle. Their young phantoms have also been witnessed to be seen darting in and out of rooms and mischievously moving objects around the castle.

To add to the entities of this active property is a large figure that is said to be a blacksmith. His apparition is commonly seen by the castle's gamekeepers and gardening staff.

This castle was featured on Para TV's Most Haunted UK in 2006. It was followed by Ghost Hunters International in 2010 and in 2018 Paranormal Lockdown UK filmed an investigation here. In 2020, a British horror feature film, The Haunting of Margham Castle, was shot there. The Margam Ghost Walk includes this majestic property in its tours.

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