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McPike Mansion Investigation - World's Largest Ghost Hunt
A Tribute to Coyote Chris Sutton!

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Be part of the incredible magnificence of The World's Largest Ghost Hunt, which will have events all around the world on September 25, 2021, for the purpose of Historic Preservation through Haunted History!

This Event is a tribute to  Chris "Coyote" Sutton, who originally was scheduled to be part of the event. With heavy heart, we just recently and unexpectedly lost Chris. His legacy was all about the celebration of Para-Unity, Communication with Spirit, and Historic Preservation. We will continue his desire to help the McPike Mansion which is in desperate ill-repair, requiring many funds for its restoration.

Alton Illinois' infamous "McPike Mansion" is proud to be one of 120 locations around the world that will be conducting a Ghost-Hunting Expedition during the 6th Annual World's Largest Ghost Hunt! Its history is amazing, and the presence of Spirit has been captured on evidence multiple times! This is certainly one of the most celebrated and iconic haunted mansions in the world. 

It is also one of the most haunted properties in Alton Illinois if not, the world! READ MORE. In fact, Haunted Journeys has listed the McPike Mansion as one of the top 5 most haunted in the state of Illinois!  Read it Here.  

Due to its tragic disrepair, the ghost hunt is limited to outside property, the first floor, and the dreaded cellar (which is one of the most haunted sections of the mansion). The second floor is condemned and not accessible to anyone. This is why Chris Sutton wanted to bring attention to this property. This is why it is part of our international efforts.  

The stellar team of Paranormal and Abandoned Explorers of Minnesota is making the long voyage to Alton to lead this epic event!  You may have the chance to meet the phantoms of the originating family from the mid-1800s, the McPike, and even some of their servants. Other former owners also have a presence there, since this house has many chilling secrets within its walls.

This Paranormal Experience will start by meeting the Paranormal Investigative Team and seeing a demonstration of ghost hunting equipment and seeing a demonstration of industry-respected ghost-hunting techniques. Soon, thereafter you will split into two groups, one to tackle each of the two available floors of this property. They will guide you through the spooky evidence that will show up tonight in one of the most spectral days of the year for ghost hunters around the world! 

Who knows what this night will bring on ... but we are sure there will be no disappointments, for a preliminary investigation has told us that multiple spirits live within these walls!  Who are they? They will let you know on this night!

This event is a fundraiser, with all proceeds going to the McPike Mansion as they proceed to restore this majestic and historic building. 

About "World's Largest Ghost HuntTM

Since 2016, when National Ghost Hunting Day was established, the paranormal community celebrates with the "World's Largest Ghost HuntTM". This year, being the sixth annual will be grand, with over 100 teams investigating across five continents, 15 countries around the world on the very same day ... September 25, 2021.

This celebration will introduce the world to the paranormal investigation experience. Paranormal enthusiasts of all levels (especially the novice!) are invited to experience what a true and authentic ghost hunt offers. Simultaneously taking place around the world, this event has been drawing thousands internationally to the spirit-seeking experience. 

By participating live at the actual local event or via web live-streaming, thousands will witness our purpose, whose core centers around community service to historic preservation. In addition, it elicits public awareness for para-psychology studies and traditional techniques in evidence collection. With this, we strive to get more people engaged in the paranormal phenomenon industry. 

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