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Investigate The Carriage House
World's Largest Ghost Hunt

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Be part of the incredible magnificence of The World's Largest Ghost Hunt, which will have events all around the world on September 25, 2021, for the purpose of Historic Preservation through Haunted History! 

Hamilton's German Village Carriage House is proud to be one of 120 locations around the world that will be conducting a Ghost-Hunting Expedition! Its history is amazing, and the presence of Spirit has been captured on evidence multiple times!

A local stellar team, Wraith Hunters of Ohio, will be leading the ghost hunt expedition on this Turn of the Century historic gem, known as the "Carriage House". The Carriage House serves as the community and meeting room for the quaint Hamilton's (Ohio) German Village. 

This Paranormal Experience will start by meeting Wraith Hunters of Ohio and seeing a demonstration of ghost hunting equipment and seeing a demonstration of industry-respected ghost-hunting techniques. Soon, thereafter you will split into two groups, one to tackle each of the two floors of this property. 

Who knows what this night will bring on ... but we are sure there will be no disappointments, for a preliminary investigation has told us that at least THREE Spirits live within these walls!  Who are they? They will let you know on this night!

This event is a fundraiser, with all proceeds going to the Hamilton's German Village Association to help with continual efforts in restoring and beautifying this historic community. 

About Wraith Hunters of Oho

Located in Eaton Ohio, these are some of the most accomplished and talented investigators in Southwest Ohio. With their strong membership of 10 experienced investigators, they are dedicated to using the best techniques available in the field today ... electronic and metaphysical! 

The founders, Denise and Lisa have always been interested in the paranormal field. One of their first ghost hunts was with Nick Groff at Mansfield reformatory in April 2015, following him to the Missouri State Pen, later to the Ashmore Estates in Illinois.

Wraith Hunters of Ohio and have been investigating ever since, going as far as Shepton Mallot Prison in England. Their team has grown to 10 members now. They also investigate private homes, cemeteries, hotels, jails, and public buildings, but also host investigations as well.

About "World's Largest Ghost HuntTM

Since 2016, when National Ghost Hunting Day was established, the paranormal community celebrates with the "World's Largest Ghost HuntTM". This year, being the sixth annual will be grand, with over 100 teams investigating across five continents, 15 countries around the world on the very same day ... September 25, 2021.

This celebration will introduce the world to the paranormal investigation experience. Paranormal enthusiasts of all levels (especially the novice!) are invited to experience what a true and authentic ghost hunt offers. Simultaneously taking place around the world, this event has been drawing thousands internationally to the spirit-seeking experience. 

By participating live at the actual local event or via web live-streaming, thousands will witness our purpose, whose core centers around community service to historic preservation. In addition, it elicits public awareness for para-psychology studies and traditional techniques in evidence collection. With this, we strive to get more people engaged in the paranormal phenomenon industry. 

About German Village

German Village was the first residential settlement outside of Fort Hamilton. Israel Ludlow, the surveyor of the Miami Purchase, platted it. The people were predominately German that lived there. Many of the industrialists established their businesses and residences here. In the churches, gatherings, and bars the people spoke German and it was indeed a German community.

The 1913 flood started the decline of Hamilton Ohio's German Village, people started moving out and renting their homes and the community started changing. The depression further hastened the decline. By 1970, the neighborhood was a textbook case of inner-city decay. The U.S. would soon be celebrating its bicentennial and an energy crisis was on. What better way to become involved in history and conservation of resources than to join in the restoration movement.

With the help of the Hamilton Planning and Public Works departments, use of federal revenue sharing funds German Village has benefited with several essential improvements. Redbrick sidewalks, period lamp fixtures, landscaping, re-routing of state route 127, the conversion of one-way streets to two-way streets, and re-naming of streets have been some of the improvements made. In 1990, the National Register of Historic Places listed the entire neighborhood as a Historic District.

The city's Historic Design Review Board reviews improvements and additions proposed for properties in the district.  The motto of Hamilton's German Village is “Growing Better with Age".

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