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Known as “One of the Most Haunted Locations in the Mid-West”, the Haunted Castle House was featured on the Travel Channel’s hit show Dead Files episode titled: Night Terrors, Brumley, MO (Season 11, Episode 2).

The Haunted Castle House has a unique, at times terrifying historic past. Amy Allan of Dead Files referred to it as a “Pit Stop for the dead.” Not only is there a pioneer graveyard, and mass grave behind the house, after ground-penetrating radar was completed just months ago, it is believed that a Civil War camp is also on the property.

The first documented owner of the property was in 1812. Sarah Lee never lived on the property.

In 1836 Reverend Jacob Shaw McComb, Sr., and his wife Emily moved onto the property. Jacob was a farmer, teacher and minister. He was also in Company D (Union) during the Civil War serving 6/23/1861 – 12/6/1861. Jacob and Emily had 10 children, including John G. who died on the property at only 5 weeks old. Emily also passed away on the property at the age of 40.

In 1875 Dr. John L Conner and his wife Elnora purchased the property. John was a doctor, coroner and teacher. From 1875-1881 John served as the Miller County Coroner. His office and apothecary were on the property. The current house didn’t exist yet, but he would have treated his patients and prepared bodies on the property.

In 1885 John C Martin and his wife Frannie became the next owners of the property. John was a merchant, farmer and inn keeper. He is one of the 4 possible builders of the house currently located on the property. He also owned the Martin Hotel. John played the fiddle while Frannie played the organ. They had 8 children including twins Love and Dove who were stillborn on February 13, 189. They are buried withing 1000 feet of the property.

Other owners include Clifford J. and Belle Thompson who purchased the house in 1893. He was the postmaster in Miller County and had 3 children with Belle. Clifford was another possible builder of the house.

Next came James and Victoria Thompson who purchased the home in 1901. He was a merchant and co-owner of a store with Dr. S.P. Hickman. James and Victoria had 4 children. James was also a possible builder of the house. I

n 1907 Joseph and Sarah McWilliams purchased the home. Joseph was a miller, foreman at the post office, owner of the electric company and the owner of the first car in Brumley. Joseph and Sarah had 4 children. Joseph was also a potential builder of the home.

Clyde “Fred” and Sara “Carrie” Pemberton purchased the house in 1916. Clyde aka Fred was a farmer, salesman and oil field worker. Fred and Carrie had 5 children.

In 1920 the home was purchased by Charles and Cora Short. Charles was a teacher, banker and politician. Cora was also a teacher. Charles and Cora had 2 children.

Canadian born Dr. Walter Duncan Dickson and his wife Grace Maude purchased the house in 1928 and had two children, James and May. They also had a hired hand by the name of Grace Devore who lived on the property. Walter passed away from a heart attack in the home in 1930.

In 1930 James Dickson (Son of previous owner Dr. Walter Dickson) purchased the house with his wife Leah “Chloe.” James was a mailman, prison guard, and timekeeper. James and Leah had 4 children. James was an alcoholic with anger issues. One day he showed up at the post office drunk with a gun to kill the man he thought got him fired from the post office. Dr. Myron Jones happened to be there and disarmed James, and took him home to Chloe.

The very same Dr. Myron Jones purchased the house from James Dickson in 1935. Myron practiced medicine in the house treating Erysipelas, the scarlet fever outbreak of 1936, and the polio outbreak of 1947. Myron also built a 9,000 gallon cistern under the house. He was also elected Mayor in 1936.

In 1947 Charles and Lily Mae Bass purchased the home. Charles was a merchant and post mater. Charles and Lily had 5 children.

William “Burt” and Norma “Cecil” Connor Sullivan(Norma’s uncle was former owner Dr. John Connor) William “Burt” was reported to smell like rose talcum powder. Burt and Cecil raised 2 children. Burt died in the house on June 27, 1963 from complications from arthritis. Norma was a seamstress, cook and also owner of a hat shop. She also died in the house from old age on June 5, 1984.

After being passed down to the Sullivan’s family the house was ultimately sold to Emerson Allee and his wife Myra Luttrell. Emerson was a Korean War veteran who died in the house from a heart attack on October 24, 1988. Myra sold the house 2 months later.

The house then passed through several owners. It operated as a Bead and Breakfast, Ghost Tours and Festival of Witches and Warlocks Benefit site.

Join the Riverside Iowa Paranormal Team on an investigation at this amazing location! Some of the experiences here have included:


     •Shadow figures

     •Disembodied voices


     •Footsteps when no one is there


     •Crying when no one is there.

     •Many more.


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