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Hartford City Halloween Celebration

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Join Eclipse Paranormal on Saturday, October 24,2020 as we investigate, not one, but THREE haunted locations in Hartford City, Indiana.
The Monroe House
Also known as the "demon house", the Monroe House has had negativity attached to it for well over 100 years. Built in the mid-1800's, and since day one of the ground breaking, the house has been described as demonic.
Previous owners have been chased out of the building by shadowy figures devoid of human features, unexplained fires have spontaneously manifested in the basement, disembodied voices echo through the hallways, and even a number of mysterious deaths have occurred inside the home. Researchers point to former tenants doing occult rituals in the 90's as a potential cause of the Demon House’s nefarious activity. Others say the strange phenomena began as early as the 1930's when the house was owned by a Belgian family who began to report ghostly visitors in the home.
At one point, a team spent the night investigating the home, leaving one researcher to say she had never witnessed so much paranormal activity in one location. During the investigation, they collected recordings of disembodied voices telling them to “get out”, “die”, and "pray for us", but much like the other teams who had searched the house, their scariest moment came during their trip to the basement...
Old Blackford County Jail
The Old Blackford County Jail was completed in 1879 and took two full years to complete and has one of the few remaining turnstile entrances left in the nation. When it closed in 1995, it ended up having one of the few remaining turnstile entrances left in the nation. In 1996, Richard and Dann Allen purchased it with hopes of preserving Blackford County's historic buildings at a time. Within the walls of this historic building remains the original jail cells and the sheriff's living quarters.
Since purchasing the building, multiple layers of paint have been removed from the original staircase leading to the sheriff living quarters, revealing gorgeous woodwork from when the original structure was built. The attic space that had once been closed off with bricks and drywall has been discovered along with possible windows that may have been a view from the living quarters stairway to the jail area!
As for known activity in the jail, it has been recorded by a former employee that a former sheriff still roams the halls and rooms opening doors. Dann has witnessed a ,am standing in his bedroom when he lived on the property. A member of SIGH has been called derogatory names by a spirit and doors have shut on them.
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