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Ghost Hunt - Gettysburg Battle's 156th Anniversary
A Haunted Confederate Campground Ghost Hunt!

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Imagine Gettysburg...


Celebrate the 156th Anniversary
of the Gettysburg Battle and
Independence Weekend with the
Phantoms of Gettysburg ... on their land

Be part and experience Gettysburg as
you never will be able to again.

Participate on a ghost hunt while the whole community is remembering the lives lost in one of the most horrific battles in American History.  The setting will be perfect to bring forth engagement with these phantoms ... Re-Enactments, Retelling their story and Remembrance of the fallen's duty to call. 

There is no other land, within Gettysburg that one can go on a ghost hunt, which is as primitive, raw and undisturbed as the eight acres within the Haunted Trails of Gettysburg. 

The Haunted Trails of Gettysburg was once a Confederate Camp and Hospital for those brave boys in gray that served in the Civil War. Here anguish, pain and bravery were the hallmarks of its grounds. There is no other land, available to the public that is offered so that the message of the restless souls of the soldiers can communicate with us. 

We offer an experience, to relive, recreate and feel the spirits of Gettysburg ... Primitive, Raw and Undisturbed.

July 6th! An incredible day for this event! 

This event will be taking place in the middle of all the reenactment of the 156th Gettysburg Battle, occurring about 1/2 mile from our camp-out! You will hear the shouts of the men, the rustle of the grounds they are trampling and the booms of the gunshots and cannons.  Not only will you hear this ... but the spirits will to. And they will engage with us to let their true voices be heard, be experienced. 

To get more info on the 156th Gettysburg Reenactment go to THEIR WEBSITE!  Haunted Trails of Gettysburg officially supports and endorses the work they do to preserve the legacy of Gettysburg. 

The Experiences:  Choose Your Participation

The Ghost Hunt   -   $40/person

This ticket will provide an amazing haunted exploration experience of an actual Confederate Hospital Camp, the ancient cellar and the haunted trails throughout the property. A campfire and fireworks salute to those that paid the ultimate price during the civil war.

The Overnight "Sleep with the Spirits"  -   $70/person

This is the ultimate primitive experience! Includes a full enjoyment of The Ghost Hunt, but add an experience you will never forget! Sleep with the phantoms, as they once did ... right on their land. Its primitive. It’s daunting. It’s unbelievable. This is only for those brave at heart!

Limited to 10 persons. Bring your own tent.  (If you do not have one, contact us to see if we can accommodate). 


When you want to experience Haunted Gettysburg

Relive the last steps of many of the soldiers that once fought the enemy and their early imminent death they were destined for.

Many fought so hard that they remain in this land, hoping to tell someone of their hopes, dreams and their ultimate demise. They do not want their legacy to be forgotten.

Haunted Trails of Gettysburg will not allow this.

With respect and much skill, they bring forth these messages and evidence that offer proof they are still amongst us.


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