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Fright Night at the Franklin Hotel

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The Franklin Hotel has new owners and they have granted the Riverside Iowa Paranormal Team the opportunity to host the first ever Public Paranormal Event at this location!!!
Join Riverside Iowa Paranormal “RIP” and be a part of this historic event!  We will have   even have access to the notorious "Room 7”
The Franklin Inn and Land Company was established in 1902 for the purpose of bringing a modern hotel to the area to serve the community.   The hotel opened on February 12, 1903, and has served the community as a hotel since opening.
At one time the railroad tracks were located just north of the hotel, which meant the Franklin Inn served many railroad passengers, as well as travelers from the highways that runs past the hotel.
In 1999 the Franklin Inn was added to the National Register of Historic Places.
A few of the experiences people have had at this amazing location are:
  •Seing apparitions
  •Feeling cold spots
   •Hearing singing
  •Piano playing on it's own
  •Not to mention the activity in the
    notorious room 7!
   •Much, much more.
There will also be time for free roam investigating where you can investigate on your own or with one of our investigators using some of our equipment!
Beverages and snacks will be provided.
If you purchase tickets to this event and wish to spend the night at the hotel, please contact them directly to set up a room reservation.  Be sure to let them know you are attending as a part of this event!  
There is also a restaurant on site where you can dine prior to the event!
All Tickets Sales are final. Due to this, consider purchasing the "Event Cancellation Policy" offered at check-out. Please review its policies and restriction before purchasing.
Ghost hunting should be handled with maturity, respect, and seriousness. Zero Tolerance for alcohol/drug consumption right prior, during or after the event; Not Liable for injury before, during or after the event. Under 18? Please ask the Event manager before purchasing. 
Events are subject to change, as a result of uncontrollable circumstances. This includes location, talent and time/date. When this occurs you will be given an opportunity to keep the updated ticket (including new date/time). If this is an inconvenient change, you will be given full credit for another one of our events (specific to the event managers, not of all Thriller Events).
Absolutely no refunds will be applied.
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