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6:45 PM

(Cancelled) Haunted South Main School
Presented by BSR Paranormal

Tickets are not available any more on Thriller Events. You may be able to buy tickets at the venue if available.

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All sales are final (No returns)

Exchange / Upgrade Policy:

No exchange - All sales are final


On Saturday, August 10th, BSR Paranormal will be traveling to Bowling Green, Ohio to investigate Haunted South Main School.
During the evening, for those of you interested, we will be investigating a local cemetery as well. Due to security reasons, we will not be releasing the cemetery location until the night of the investigation.
Since we like to support local small businesses in the communities we investigate, we will be meeting at the Falcon Family Restaurant at 4:30pm for our pre-investigation dinner--feel free to join us if you'd like! During the course of the evening, we will having Campus Pollyeye's pizza along with snacks and drinks.
We are only offering tickets for the Haunted South Main School investigation.  However, if you would like to stay where we are, I can book you a room.  We also offer payment plans for those interested in attending. We will be staying at the Quality Inn in Perrysburg, Ohio You can check out their reviews on TripAdvisor as well.
Make sure you check the e-mail you provide at checkout within 72 hours of purchase for important documents that must be signed and returned in a set amount of time.
In case of unexpected events in life, you may want to consider purchasing the event protection insurance at check-out. The insurance will refund your money in case something happens that you cannot make the event.  You will be receving paperwork from BSR Paranormal that is due one week from the date it is sent.


Haunted South Main School Public Investigation ONLY

  • Admission to the Haunted South Main Public Investigation
  • Cemetery investigation
  • Campus Pollyeyes pizza, snacks, and drinks during the investigation
    • $85.00





  • The Haunted South Main School Investigation is for 18 years of age or older
  • Packages are non-refundable unless you have bought the event protection insurance and you meet their specific criteria for refund.  This policy is privately purchased between you and the insurance vendor, therefore managed by you.
    • If you have purchased event insurance and have been denied a refund, no parties affiliated with this event are responsible to issue a refund to you
  • All dates are subject to change
    • If the investigation date changes you can either transfer your package to the new date or get a full refund
  • If the location closes
    • You can either get a full refund or you can transfer your package to the new location
  • If there is a non-investigator(s) staying in your hotel room, the non-investigator(s) will need to pay a percentage of the hotel room rental rate
    • This does not include those under 18 years of age
  • You will be responsible for your own transportation to and from the event(s)
  • Souvenirs, gas, meals, snacks, drinks, etc are not included in your package unless specified
  • You will not be allowed to bring weapons on the investigation
  • You can contact BSR Paranormal three ways


  • Refund Policy
    • If you do not purchase the event protection insurance, you will not receive a refund
    • If you purchase a package with multiple events and choose to attend only certain ones, you will not receive a refund for those you do not attend
    • If you are asked to not attend the event(s) or asked to leave an events(s), you will not receive a refund
    • It may take 30-45 to receive your refund.  We cannot issue refunds until we receive the funds back.
      • Once your refund is issued, it may take up to 30 days to receive in the mail
      • If the refund is not received within 30 days, you may contact us to have a check reissued.
        • If a check is reissued, you will be charged a stop payment fee of $30 per check reissued
        • If you request the check be sent Certified Mail to track, you will be liable for all fees associated with this type of delivery
  • Event Protection Insurance
    • If you have purchased event protection insurance, it only applies to what you have purchased on Thriller Events
      • If you have made a deposit for a payment plan, the insurance only applies to the deposit
      • Other terms and conditions apply for the payment plan that you will receive from BSR Paranormal
    • If you purchased event protection insurance, there are certain terms and conditions that apply to get a refund from the insurance company



  • Package Confirmation
    • You will
      • Have 48 hours to contest the package and/or price if it is not the correct one your purchased
      • Be required to sign and return your invoice to confirm it is correct
  • Changes to Your Package
    • If you do not purchase the event protection insurance you can
      • Upgrade or downgrade your package
        • This cannot be within 60 days before the event(s)
        • If you upgrade to a new package, you will not be penalized
        • If you downgrade to a new package, you will receive a 30% penalty
  •  Package Transfers
    • You can transfer your package to another person who is at least 18 years of age
    • The seller & buyer MUST contact BSR Paranomal no later than Wednesday, 07.17.2019, at 4pm est in regards to a package transfer
      • If the seller contacts BSR Paranormal after 4pm est on Wednesday, 07.17.2019,  the package will not be transferred
      • If the buyer contacts BSR Parnaormal after 4pm est on Wednesday, 07.17.2019, the package will not be transferred
      • All paperwork for the buyer will be do within 24 hours of notifying BSR Paranormal of the package transfer
        • If paperwork is not received within 24 hours, the new participant will not be allowed to attend the event
    • Package transfer are not handled by BSR Paranormal
    • All package transfers are between the buyer and seller other than notifying BSR Paranormal of the transactions
    • Any transfer information sent after 4pm est on Wednesday, 07.17.2019 will be null and void



  • Conflict of Interest, Professionalism, Ethics, and Event Integrity
    • If you have been banned...removed from an event hosted by...or membership revoked by BSR Paranormal, you will not be permitted to attend the Haunted South Main School Investigation
    • If you have slandered...mocked...berated...tried to intimidate...called any member, guest, investigator, or representative of BSR Paranormal any derogatory names, you will not be allowed to attend the Haunted South Main School Investigation
    • If you owe BSR Paranormal money, you will not be allowed to attend the Haunted South Main School Investigation
    • If you have treated any employees of a hotel, tour sight, restaurant, or investigation location unprofessionally you will not be allowed to attend the Haunted South Main School Investigation
    • If you have been asked to leave a location or an event, you will not receive a refund
  • Paperwork
    • You must have your paperwork returned within one week of receiving it
    • If you do not turned your signed paperwork in by the required date
      • You will forfeit the amount paid for the package your have purchased
    • Paperwork will need to be printed, signed, and returned.  We do not accept computer generated signatures for legal reasons.
    • If you speak to BSR Paranormal about your paperwork, you may get an extension if the reason is feasible
      • If you are given an extension and it is not turned in by the new date, you will forfeit the amount paid for the package you have purchased
      • If you set-up a specific date and do not turn the paperwork in by then, you will forfeit the amount paid for the package you have purchased
    • If you ignore multiple e-mails and messages concerning your paperwork
      • Your reservation will be cancelled without notice
      • No refund will be issued
    • All terms and conditions will be on the paperwork that will be e-mailed to you to and that your will required to return within one week of receiving them
  • Payment Plans
    • Once you have made your down payment through Thriller Events, you will need to pay the remaining payments through PayPal
      • You will receive instructions on how to use and set-up PayPal with your paperwork
    • If you miss a payment without speaking to BSR Paranormal
      • You will forfeit your package and what you have paid
    • If you need additional time to make your monthly payment, please contact BSR Paranormal and we may be able to work with you
      • You may be subject to a late fee
      • You may be required to pay the difference within 30 days or you may have the difference added on to each monthly payment

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Use of this name and/or content or wording will be grounds for legal action

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