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A Night at the Brownella Cottage & Galion Historical Museum
Ghost Hunt with Brian Cano!

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Spend a Night at the Brownella Cottage and Galion Historical Museum

Start this incredible event at the Brownella Cottage at 6PM with a Meet & Greet of SyFy's Brian Cano, followed by a taste of the property's amazing history by Author and History and Haunts' own, Annie Tarpley! This will provide the foundation of what's going to happen thereafter! 




The Ghost Hunt and Investigation as led by Brian Cano includes FOUR BUILDINGS, allowing for small group rotating investigations.  (As it should be!) 

The history here is interesting, the number of owners of the property is few, many of the items inside are original and belong to its deceased owner - a one Bishop Brown - a man tried for heresy and found guilty! A man who lived there until his death on Halloween in 1935. The house sat empty for the next 50 years until the Galion Historical Society acquired it and opened it as a museum. 

This is not a "Cottage', an understatement to the Mansion it actually is.  Four properties will be investigated:

  1. The Main House
  2. The Study
  3. The Carriage House
  4. The Chapel

The investigation will end at Midnight.

This will be an event not to be missed!

The Rules:
For adults 18 years and older. No alcoholic beverages. We reserve the right to refuse attendee entrance if we feel you are under the influence of alchohol or recreational drugs.
All sales are final and no refunds honored. The option for Event Insurance is provided at check out.