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A "Grand" Paranormal Night at the Grand Opera House
with Riverside Iowa Paranormal

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Join the Riverside Iowa Paranormal "RIP" Team as we investigate the oldest and most “grand” of the 16 legitimate theatres built in Dubuque, Iowa prior to 1900. 
The Grand Opera House built in 1889/1890 cost $65,000 to build and had a seating capacity of 1,100 people, including 2 balconies and 8 boxes.  There was originally a tunnel to a house next door which was used for people to change costumes.  
The Grand Opera House opened on August 14, 1890, with more than 800 people in attendance who paid $5 to view Bizet’s “Carmen”.  Over the next 40 years, there were over 2,600 live performances.
Several well knows stars performed at the Grand including Jack Benny, Ethel Barrymore, George M. Coham, Sarah Bernhardt, Lillian Russell, Al Jolson, Ed Wynn, James Corbett, and legendary Pianist Paderewski and the Boston Opera Company.  One of the most notable stars as Henry Fonda who fondly remembered his performance in Hamlet in 1923. 
Ben Hur was the most elaborate production which brought horses and chariots on stage.  The Garden of Allah featured a large cast including an Arabian orchestra, camels, donkeys and a sandstorm created on stage.
In 1915 a “fly-in” screen was installed to show silent films with piano, theatre organ, or small orchestra accompaniment.  On March 14, 1922, the last live performance The Merry Wives of Windsor was performed.  
A full movie theatre was installed and by 1928 the Grand Opera House became the Grand Theatre.  In 1930 the second balcony was removed, the orchestra pit covered, and a marquee added.  By 1985 the Grand Theatre closed and remained vacant.
The Barn Community Theatre purchased the Grand and on August 14, 1986, exactly 96 years after the original opening night the new Grand Opera House reopened.
In 2001 the Grand Opera House was added to the National Register of Historic Buildings.
In 2010 the Dubuque Academy of Ballet moved its studios into the 3rd and 4th floors.  In 2014 a bequest restored the orchestra pit which was closed since 1928.  In recent years a number of renovations were done including restoration of the original façade and interior of the theatre as well. 
Join the RIP team as we investigate all 6 floors: including the costume shop,  ballet studio, grand stage and theatre itself and the paranormal playground that is the basement of the Grand Opera House where past performers, employees, cleaning crew and investigators alike have experienced the following:
     •Spirits play pranks on guests
     •Being touched
     •Lights go on and off by themselves
     •Cameras and recorders act strange
     •Singing heard from an empty stage
     •Shuffling footsteps
     •Doors to the lobby/theatre opening and
      closing themselves
     •Voices heard on stage since the 1930’s 
     •Feeling of being watched 
     •Stage workers and people on stage
      often feel blasts of cold air.
     •Light switches go on/off by themselves
In addition to investigations on each floor, we will conduct some group experiments lead by one of our psychic mediums.  There will also be a free roam investigation where you can investigate on your own or with one of the RIP team members using some of our equipment!
Snacks and beverages will be provided. 
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