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08.09.2019 Private Investigation of
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In the late 1700s, early 1800s, before settlers moved into the area, there were tribes of Potawatomi and Miami Indians. The Potawatomi Indians were the biggest tribe in the area and where located just 3 short miles southwest of the Lund- Jordon farmhouse with the Miami Indians were just 3 miles northeast of the farmhouse. The two tribes were rivals and had a dispute over land in the early 1800s (no exact date is given), which caused a battle that only lasted one day. The location of the battle took place 2 miles northwest of the farmhouse.
In 1832 when settlers came to this area, they started setting up homesteads and tilling the land to farm, is when the battle grounds were discovered--bones were being tilled up and settlers found the bones to be human!
In 1835, Chief Monquet died, he was the chief of the largest Potawatomi tribe in the area, he died while a princess from another tribe was visiting. Warriors in the tribe suspected her in the chief’s death so she ran, the warriors caught up to her and killed her--it was later discovered that he died from tuberculosis. The princess’s murder site is a half-mile from the farmhouse, towards the west.
In April of 1835, a 28-year old man named Mr. Rippey, moved from his hometown in Ohio to northern Indiana. On June 17, 1869 he was voted president of the Old Settlers Society, and in 1873, he bought land in the countryside of Warsaw, Indiana for a total of $915. At some point his son John took over the property and used it for farming.
In 1910 James and Rose Lund bought over 80 acres for $1440 from the Rippey family and started construction of a two-story farmhouse on an acre of the land, it was completed late in 1911. In 1922, James started breaking up the plats and selling them. In 1922, they sold the property, along with the farmhouse, to David Rippey for a grand total of $915, which is worth over $13,000 today! In 1923 Mr. Lund passed away and in 1946 Mrs. Lund died.
This is where the story really gets interesting!
In the 1950’s the Bassett family bought the property, and this is when reports of paranormal activity begins. When the Robinson family moved in next door, the wives became friends and Mrs. Bassett would tell Mrs. Robinson about footsteps and voices in the house. On one occasion, Mrs. Bassett told Mrs. Robinson that the sprits told her there was treasure in the fireplace--Mrs. Bassett tore the fireplace down in search of it! As of today, the fireplace is gone, but the chimney still remains. However, it was reported that Mrs. Bassett did find Indian jewelry on the land behind her property. Could this have been Native American spirits speaking to her and walking around?
In the 1960s, the Fikers family bought the property. At this point in time, the Robinson’s bought property adjacent from the property and became friends. Mrs. Fikers confided in Mrs. Robinson that she was hearing voices and footsteps in the house while she was home alone. The voices were telling her that there was treasure in the fireplace—Mrs. Fikers did tear the fireplace apart, nothing was found and as of today there is still no fireplace. She later told Mrs. Robinson that she did find turquoise jewelry along the property line.
Over the last 110-years, the house has gone through multiple updates, but much of the original structure is still in place. The original hardwood floor is still throughout the house and the original doors and door handles are too. In the laundry room, you can still see a cement pillar in the northwest corner and the original wood slats on the ceiling. The basement is cement and cement block, with the original root cellar still under the stairs.
There have been several owners throughout the years and in recent history, even more paranormal activity has occurred
  • In the 1980s the family that lived here experienced voices, footsteps, hand prints on walls, and children playing.
  • In 2001 the Jordon family bought the property from the Anglin-Brown family. The paranormal activity started almost immediately. While construction was going on, the workers and family would hear footsteps, see shadows, hear voices, and doors opening and closing. After construction stopped the activity continue. The Jordon family and friends would hear whistling, kids running around upstairs, giggling, door and drawers opening, shadows, footsteps, voices, full body apparitions, and the none of the family would sleep upstairs. While speaking with the Jordon family it was stated that Mr. Jordon’s father had asked him not to purchase the property, he stated that it “is cursed, every family he has known since the 60’s has fallen on hard times and all the couples but one got divorced”. The Jordon family still owns the property as of today.
One of the Jordon family members is a paranormal investigator and has been investigating the house since 2001 along with her friends, niece, nephew, and teammates. They have all experienced something at one time or another.
Here is a list of what has recently been heard and seen
  • Photo with dog-like spirit peeking out from closet when the house was empty
  • Orbs seen with the naked eye
  • Heavy footsteps upstairs that sounded like work boots
  • Doors slamming shut
  • Being touched
  • Shadows
  • Cold spots
  • Voices
If you do decide to join us, we do ask that you are kind and courteous to the spirits that reside here, they do like for you to introduce yourselves as you would a live person. You will get more interaction from them, they are kind spirits and we have no malevolent ones here.
If the date you would like isn’t listed, you can message us or e-mail us at lunds.jordon.farmhouse@gmail.comand see if we can accommodate you.
The cost to do a private investigation is $100 for up to 4 people and $25 each additional person up to a total of 10 investigators.  You will have the house from 6:45pm until 3am--currently we do not offer overnight investigations.  There is not electricity or running water at the house.
We also suggest you purchase event protection insurance in case something happens that you cannot make the investigation.  The policy is maintained between the purchase and the insurance provider.  The Lunds-Jordon Farmhouse staff does not maintain this policy. 
We will not accept payments at the door, you must purchase all tickets in advance.  Once you have purchased your investigation package, you will receive your receipt confirmation, your Liability Waiver, Farmhouse Rules, and additional area information; this will be sent to the e-mail provided at checkout. 
  • The Lunds-Jordon Farmhouse investigations are 13 years of age and older
    • If an investigator is under 13 years of age, we must have written parental/guardian permission
  • The maximum number of investigators is 10 per night
  • Investigation hours are 6:45pm - 3am
    • You are not allowed to spend the night on the property
  • There is no electricity, running water, or restrooms on the property
    • You will have to go to the Dollar General, the gas station, or a restaurant to use the restroom
    • The Marathon station closes at 12 midnight and the Dollar General closes at 10pm
  • Investigations are non-refundable
  • NO smoking is permitted in or near the house
    • You can smoke in the driveway or where you park
    • Please clean up your butts
  • NO drugs or alcohol is permitted on the property
    • If you are found with anything on you, you will be escorted off the premises and there will not be a refund issued
  • Do NOT use Ouija Boards, spirit boards, etc
  • You can have food and drinks in the house
    • You must clean up after yourselves and throw your trash in the trash bin in the kitchen
  • Your paperwork MUST be turned in by the due date on the e-mail you receive
  • We will NOT accept payment at the door--you must purchase tickets in advance
  • If you have purchased event protection insurance
    • The policy is between you, the purchaser, and the insurance carrier
    • The Lunds-Jordon staff does not have access nor do they maintain the event protection insurance policy
  • If you have to cancel your investigation
    • If you have event protection insurance and the insurance proveder does not give you a refund, The Lunds-Jordon Farmhouse or anyone affiliated with it will not issue a refund
  • If you have to reschedule your investigation
    • You will have one time to reschedule the investigation
      • If you do not keep this date or try to reschedule again, we will not be able to
    • If there is an emergency (i.e. death in family, car accident, hospitalization, etc) you will be able to reschedule for a second time, but you will have to show proof of emergency

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