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Evening with Bill Birnes and Eric Mintel

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Schedule for the Evening includes

  • 6pm-7pm UFO and Ghost Hunting Discussion with Bill Birnes and Eric Mintel
  • 7pm-8pm Psychic Tour
  • 8pm Start of 1-hr, 4-hr or 7-hr investigation of Haunted Hill View Manor

Eric Mintel will also be filming an investigation from 9pm-Midnight for the Bucks County Paranormal channel. Participation in the filming is optional and not guaranteed to every guest. Some areas will not be available during filming.



Bill Birnes

Bill Birnes is an American author, the Chairman of the Board at Sunrise Community Counseling Center, and ufologist.

Birnes believes that Earth has been visited by many different types of extraterrestrials, and that pictures taken by NASA have been airbrushed to remove any evidence of alien activity.Birnes speculates that NASA may have taken missions to the Moon after Apollo 17, but these missions were kept secret from the public due to alien interference and new-found extraterrestrial artifacts. Birnes claims that NASA made three additional trips to the Moon; Apollo 18, Apollo 19, and Apollo 20. Additionally, he claims that the Apollo 13 incident was actually an extraterrestrial attack meant to scare humans away from landing on the Moon.

As a UFOlogist, Birnes collaborated with Philip J. Corso, on The Day After Roswell (1998), appeared on the History Channel‘s television documentary series: UFO Files (2004–2007), Ancient Aliens (2009–2013), NASA’s Unexplained Files and I Know What I Saw. He starred in UFO Hunters(2008–2009) as leader of an investigative team of fellow ufologists, and later wrote a book by the same name documenting his experiences on the show. Birnes has repeatedly appeared as a guest on the late night radio talk-show Coast to Coast AM to discuss UFOs. Birnes most recent nonfiction works are Dr. Feelgood with Richard Lertzman, Wounded Minds and Hearts of Darkness with Dr. John Liebert, The Life and Times of Mickey Rooney with Richard Lertzman, Beyond Columbo, The Life and Times of Peter Falk with Richard Lertzman, Edison v. Tesla, The Battle Over Their Last Invention with Joel Martin, Psychiatric Criminology with Dr. John Liebert, and UFO Hunters Book 2.

Eric Mintel

Eric Mintel, founder of Bucks County Paranormal Investigations (BCPI), is also an accomplished professional jazz pianist having lead his acclaimed quartet the Eric Mintel Quartet since 1993. Performances at the White House for 2 Presidents (Clinton 1998 and Obama 2011) as well as countless concerts at some of our country’s most prestigious concert halls.

With an interest in all things paranormal, In 2016 Eric founded Bucks County Paranormal Investigations and began focusing on the rich historic/paranormal history in his hometown of Bucks County, PA.

BCPI has now evolved into producing videos for paranormal tourism and focuses on paranormal phenomena at Historic Inn’s, Theaters, B&B’s, Restaurants, historic sites, Bigfoot reports, UFO sightings and much much more. The end result, BCPI has gained a worldwide following and the videos are shown on Eric’s TV show Bucks County Paranormal Investigations on Amazon Fire TV through Princeton TV every Saturday night at 10pm.

They are also seen on the BCPI Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/BucksPN1 as well as their YouTube Channel.

Haunted Hill View Manor

Hill View Manor is an 85,000 sq. ft. former poor farm and nursing home located in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Public and private paranormal tours and investigations are available and booked online at https://hauntedhillviewmanor.com.


Hill View Manor's Paranormal Convention is an annual event and hosts several speackers from a variety of paranormal fields. There are also local vendors, paranormal groups, psychics, building tours and entertainment. General admission to the day-time activities are not a part of these evening tickets and is not available in advance. A separate fee of $10 will be charged to attend all speakers and most day-time activities from 11am-5pm. Learn more at https://hauntedhillviewmanor.com/event/2021-hill-con/ 

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