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2:45 PM

NADP Meet 'n Greet
Hosted by the Indiana Chapter of the NADP

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Looking for something exciting, different, and truly scary to do for Halloween this year?


Join the founders of the North American Dogman Project and the Indiana Chapter of the NADP as they research the Germantown Werewolf on Saturday, October 19th. 

We are offering two options to join us at this event, which is sure to be a big hit with those interested in cryptids and Dogmen.  The first option is an all-ages meet and greet with the NADP and the second option is the meet and greet PLUS investigate the area where the Germantown Werewolf has been seen (must be 16 years of age with a parent, legal guardian, or written permission to be with an adult, 18 years of age or older, attending).

During the meet and greet, you will not only be meeting the founders of the NADP--Joedy Cook, Dave Jones, and Adam Davies, but you will also be learning about the creatures themselves, hearing sightings, and listening to witness accounts.  This is a rare opportunity for those interested in learning more and investigating with us that you don't want to miss!

During the investigation, you will be taken to the area where the Germantown Werewolf has been sighted.  This area  is a hot-spot of activity and has been investigated by not only the NADP numerous times, but by other reasearchers as well.   This will be the Indiana Chapter's second investigation at this location, the first one will not be forgotten easily either!  We were being followed by something, when we stopped, it stopped too and when we would walk again, it would too.  There were calls played and something answered as well as eye shine seen and the stinch of Dogmen were smelled that night as well.


Package 1--Meet and Greet ONLY for ALL Ages

  • Meet and greet at the Miamisburg, Ohio library at 2:45pm
  • Does not include investigation
  • $5.00 per person


Package 2--Meet and Greet PLUS Investigation

  • Meet and greet at the Miamisburg, Ohio library at 2:45pm
  • Germantown investigation with the NADP
    • We will meet at 7pm at McDonalds, 2373 Dayton Germantown Pike, Germantown, Ohio
    • You must attend the Meet 'n Greet to investigate
  • $15.00 per person


Once you have purchased your package, you will need to check your e-mail that you provided at checkout within 72 hours of purchase for important documents that must be signed and returned in a set amount of time.

In case of unexpected events in life, you may want to consider purchasing the event protection insurance at check-out. 



  • The NADP Meet & Greet and Germantown investigation is for 16 years of age or older
    • If you are under 18 years of age, you must attend with a parent, guardian, or have written permission to attend
    • You must attend with someone over the age of 18, if you are under 18 years of age
    • You must present a valid ID at the investigation
  • Dates are subject to change
    • If the event date changes due to the NADP, you can either transfer your package to the new date or get a full refund
  • You will be responsible for your own transportation to and from the event(s)
  • Souvenirs, gas, meals, snacks, drinks, etc are not included in your package unless specified
  • You will not be allowed to bring weapons on the investigation
  • If you purchase a package and decide to
    • Not attend the events, you will not receive a refund
  • If your service dog or pet must be under control at all times
    • If your service dog or pet becomes agressive or disrupts the event, it will be removed
  • You can contact the NADP multiple ways
    • E-mail  bsrparanormal@gmail.com
    • Facebook messenger 
      • North American Dogman Project, Indiana Chapter
    • By phone at 574-318-7900



Refund Policy

  • No Event Protection Insurance or if the Event Protection Insurance will not Reimburse You
    • If you cannot attend and cancel your package, you will not receive a refund on any investigations, tours, or souvenirs
    • If you are asked to leave a location or event, you will not receive a refund
    • If you are asked to not attend an event, you will not receive a refund
    • If you do qualify for a refund, it will be mailed within 30-45 business days of the cancellation
      • Once the refund check is issued, it may take up to 30 days for your refund to be delivered through the mail
      • If your check does not arrive within 30 days, you may requets the check be reissued
        • If a check is reissued, you will be liable for the stop check fee of $30 per check
      • If you request your refund be sent Certified Mail, you will liable for all charges associated with this type of mailing

Event Protection Insurance

  • If you have purchased event protection insurance, it only applies to what you have purchased on Thriller Events
  • If you purchased event protection insurance, there are certain terms and conditions that apply to get a refund from the insurance company
  • If you do not receive a refund from the insurance company, no one associated with this event is liable for a refund
  • The event protection insurance is non-refundable.  The event manager(s) do not receive this fee, therefore we are unable to refund it

Service Fees

  • Service fees and taxes will not be refunded.  The event host does not receive the taxes and fees, therefore, we are unable to refund them



Conflict of Interest, Professionalism, Ethics, and Event Integrity
  • If you have been banned...removed from an event hosted by...or membership revoked by the NADP or BSR Paranormal, you will not be permitted to attend
  • If you have slandered...mocked...berated...tried to intimidate...called any member, guest, investigator, or representative of the NADP or BSR Paranormal, any derogatory names, you will not be allowed to attend
  • If you owe any team attending money, you will not be allowed to attend
  • If you have treated any employees of a hotel, tour sight, restaurant, or investigation location unprofessionally you will not be allowed to attend the Germantown Investigation and Meet & Greet hosted by the NADP and BSR Paranormal
  • If you have been asked to leave a location or an event, you will not receive a refund
  • During the time of the meet and greet and Germantown Investigation, if you
    • Mock, berated, try to intimidate, embarrass, etc. another guest, you will be removed from the event without a refund and banned from any future events hosted by the NADP or BSR Paranormal
    • If you do not follow a Team Lead's instructions for safety, you will be removed from the event without a refund and banned from any future events hosted by the NADP or BSR Paranormal


  • If you do not turned your signed paperwork in by the required date
    • You will forfeit the amount paid for the package your have purchased
    • If you speak to the Indiana Chapter of the NADP about your paperwork, you may get an extension if the reason is feasible
      • If the reason is feasible, you will be given one (1) extension
      • If the paperwork is not turned in by the extension date, you will forfeit your package with no refund
  • Paperwork will need to be printed, signed, and returned.  We do not accept computer generated signatures for legal reasons.
  • If you ignore multiple e-mails and messages concerning your paperwork
    • Your reservation will be cancelled without notice
    • No refund will be issued
  • All terms and conditions will be on the paperwork that will be e-mailed to you to


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                                  Use of this name and/or content or wording will be grounds for legal action


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