Nevada State Prison Donations

The Nevada State Prison now sits idle after closing its doors one final time on May 12, 2012, after 150 years in operation.  The process to make NSP live again, as an educational landmark is now underway.  Join Riverside Iowa Paranormal for a fund raiser on National Ghost Hunting Day and be a part of the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt as we investigate the Nevada State Prison.


Nevada State Prison has a rich history, especially with executions.


  • John Hancock, the first execution at the prison on September 8, 1905.
  • The largest multiple execution in the history of Nevada on November 17, 1905.
  • Two Native Americans on December 7, 1906.
  • Andriza Mircovich, was the first and only inmate in Nevada to be executed by shooting.
  • Gee Jon, was the first person in the United State to be executed by lethal gas on February 8, 1924. He is also buried on the property.
  • December 6, 1985, serial killer Carroll Cole became the first inmate to be executed in Nevada by lethal injection.


Nevada State Prison greatly appreciates any and all donations for it's restoration and preservation.


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