Demonology 102 Online Class

COST:  $35.00 / Virtual Experience



For people trying to avoid the negative classes or those working on them and want to get as much information initially as possible. 

Can you tell if this case is a typical human spirit or is it something more dangerous to you and the residents?   Can you do this without alarming them with your questions? This is part of the training I received years ago and have expanded on over the past 35 years.  


‚ÄčInterviewing people who are experiencing ghost activity in their home is not as simple as you may think.   You need to find out what is occurring,  discern any natural causes, know what flags to look out for and much more plus do this in a manner that makes people feel comfortable telling complete strangers intimate details of their lives.    It all starts with a questionnaire and then there is the face to face interview.



Many of the simple questions you ask on the questionnaire can give you many more answers than the obvious ones.  The witnesses don’t realize that, but that is the whole point.   You are doing the detective work of paranormal research.